Dr. Robert | White Supremacy Links to the Occult | EODR 149

This episode will be very controversial as we dive deep into the world of racial supremacy and its ties to the shadow government and occult world. How deep exactly and how far back does it go? Are we ourselves subconsciously racist and can we not heal from our collective trauma before it is too late?



Bella | Mandela Effect, Out of Body, Synchonicities, Michael Jackson | EODR 148

Fan favorite and friend of the show Bella aka Sherry returns for another great discussion. We discuss the Sinbad version of Shazaam, artificial intelligence influencing the bible, the spirit of Michael Jackson and much more.

On the panel we have Clint Aestwood and Todd joining in.



Raven Keefer | Keepers of the Flame Roundtable | EODR 147

Raven Keefer joins us once again to deep dive into the esoteric world. Whenever Raven goes, the light seems to follow as we end up with a full panel which includes Todd, Grub, Doctor Robert, Doctor Charles, Firefae, Stijn Fawkes and Eric J.

Topics include eugenics, energy transmutation, mind control, ritual and parasitism.