Cate Montana | The Archonic Forces Oppressing Humanity | EODR 170

Cate Montana is an author of many books including Cracking the Matrix which features 14 keys to individual freedom. She joins the show to delve into this mysterious force that goes by many names which has been keeping humanity in a state of depression and forced servitude. These beings are focused on making an individual loathe him/herself and also happen to be in control of the elite.

After the guest Dr. Robert goes into the tactics of mind control then Todd and Clint jump on to panel for awhile.


Barbara With | Maps of Human Consciousness and Science of Compassion | EODR 169

“Barbara With, an international peace activist, award-winning author/publisher, psychic channel, composer and performer, workshop facilitator, and inspirational speaker. She is the co-founder of Conflict REVOLUTION®️, a revolutionary way to resolve conflicts of the psyche based on her work channeling Albert Einstein.

Barbara teaches and trains Conflict REVOLUTION®️ in the classroom and on ZOOM and lectures on her Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, Maps of Human Consciousness and the Science of Compassion.”

Barbara joins Daniel and the gang to discuss channeling, the theories of Albert Einstein, the common pitfalls of psychic awareness, the afterlife and much more.

After the interview Daniel, Doctor Robert and Clint Aestwood deep dive into many topics.


Chaz of the Dead | Catching up with The Dead Bro | EODR 168

Fan favorite Chaz returns once again to discuss his paranormal research and interest in psychedelics. Chaz delves deep into the theory of there being a super fluid that can pass through solids and compares the concept to UFO reports of these silvery objects doing the same. He then goes into the Bee-UFO Theory with an interesting fact about Quetzalcoatl.

After the guest we are joined by Doctor Robert who stars in his own segment called Down the Rabbit Hole then Todd, Clint and Logon hop on for some killer action as they explore Logan’s psychic vampirism.


Jin the Ninja | Walking the Middle Path | EODR 167

“A dissident tantrayanist (practitioner of diamond-thunder Buddhism), semi-retired sorcerer, who alongside General Lee presented a groundbreaking+ seminal 11-part comparative theology series of The Mahavidys a syncretic grouping of 10 wisdom “goddesses” from Nepal with the Hebrew Kabbalah Tree of Life. Tries his Best to follow the middle path, breaker of the dialectic and host of the Threshold Saints Podcast.”

Jin the Ninja joins Daniel to tell the story of his spiritual journey starting with finding The Monkey King. They get into everything from A to Dragonball Z. We then get a great panel going with Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, Todd the Bod, George and Al aka Martian Mad Man who join Jin and Daniel

After the Break we debut Doctor Roberts new segment..yet to be named.