Logan | Psychic Vampirism, Collective Magick Ritual, Multi-Dimensional | EODR 142

Here presenting we have the mad philospher, a psychic vampire, that after thirty one years of training learned how to warp/influence reality.

After the interview Daniel and Todd discuss the alliance between Russia and China.



Dr. Robert | ESP Abilities, Charles Manson, MK Ultra, Anti-Black Psyops | EODR 141

Today we are joined by Dr. Robert who describes himself as:

“Mentalist: a magician who performs feats that apparently demonstrate extraordinary mental powers, such as mind reading”

Dr. Robert joins Daniel for an exploration into racial tensions, mind control, psychic abilities, systemic oppression and white supremacy. He brings us into a world of magic, gangs and the underworld of universities. Dr. Robert does it all with extreme charisma.

Later Daniel is joined by Todd as they explore some eldritch.



Nina Howell | Psychic Abilities, Quantum Tunneling, Space X | EODR 140

From the deep south of Houston, I introduce the author of Thereal Chronicles, digital content consultant, creative developer of Thereal Realms, the poet of sonnets, quantum messaging expert and mixologist of music, Ms. Nina Howell.