A Brief Trip into The Satanic Looking Glass

by Daniel, host of End of Days Radio

Satanism is a much larger part of our culture than most people realize. In fact you could go as far to say that there is a whole Underworld based around it.

What is Satanism exactly? We hear the term time and time again that our world is run by an elite group of Satanists..but if you ask a “Satanist” about it they will usually tell you that there is no Illuminati or underground group of ancient child sacrificing Moloch worshiping Canaanites out there at all. That inquiring about things of that nature is all just paranoid schizophrenic thinking. They will probably tell you that your time is better spent collecting old heavy metal albums on cassette tapes or they may even launch into a long diatribe about why Metallica sold out in the 90’s or why Kurt Cobain ruined rock music forever by wearing flannel and not shredding on the guitar. There is a very specific reason for this which we will get into below.

Satanism, I have found, focuses on adversarial lines of thinking, rebelliousness and personal power often represented by a dragon symbolizing both strength and forbidden knowledge.

There are two main camps. One being wealthy and influential Luciferian witchcraft bloodlines who comprise the ranks of various secret societies working in tandem with one another and the other being more like a ground floor gateway to the harder more elite class secrets, mostly populated by young people looking to explore something dark and counterculture in relation to how they were brought up.

William Cooper is one of the first people I remember exposing this conspiracy of devil worship and world domination. Cooper warned us long ago of these Luciferians plan for a one world government and that it would use FEMA camps to suppress the population someday while raising the flag of their New World Order. Something we seem to edge closer and closer to in the midst of a global pandemic at the time of this writing.

The ground floor type of Satanism would be considered the more modern Satanism you might see in the Church of Satan which would be the more visible element to today’s society. Both types compromise the symbolic Dragon of Revelations which is set to reach its highest level of world power and domination during end times.

Modern Satanism as in the Church of Satan, was started in 1966 by Anton LaVey. It rapidly rose in popularity from that point. LaVey Satanism or street level Satanism is actually a form of skeptical atheism and they do not believe in magic/magick at all, or at least not in the traditional sense. This group is not to be confused with another type of Satanism associated with the Satanic Panic of the 80’s which would be more in line with what the elite Satanists are said by conspiracy theorist to do to get their power. The Church of Satan is more about mocking the entire idea of a deity ruling our lives as well as the pursuit of personal pleasures/material wealth rather than a group of witches dancing around a calf being sacrificed to the dark lord, as fun as that sounds. Anton LaVey coined the entire philosophy of the church which he recorded in his Satanic Bible. This belief is more of that things like Gods and Demons are projections of our own mind that we use for the sake of balancing our mental state. That sounds kind of smart and accurate on paper I admit.

Some known celebrity members are Sammy Davis Jr. and honorary minister Marilyn Manson. Manson who regularly writes lyrics associated with the Devil and even has an album called Antichrist Superstar. He is a shock rocker who famously performed oral sex on his former male bassist during a live show in front of a huge crowd. You see many Anton LaVey type of philosophies in Manson’s interviews, LaVey once telling Manson that he would go on to do great things in life, he certainly seems to have depending on your perspective. I can’t help but feel there is a huge similarity between Marilyn Manson’s overall message and what the Church of Satan preaches, both tapping into the underground Gothic/Heavy Metal current which still remains a wildly popular subculture. Themes of drugs use, vampirism, depression, suicide, black magic and promiscuous sex permeate these heavy music scenes. Being a fan of Metal music myself, I am baffled about how much music focuses on Satan/Lucifer starting with the old days of bands like Black Sabbath and Coven.

Jinx Dawson, the lead singer of Coven, coming from an elite Luciferian family, recently released some special edition albums with her own blood engraved into the cover art. She is famous for bringing the Luciferian hand sign known as the “Sign of the Horns” to the musical world which since then has exploded within the metal/rock scene, even crossing over to pro wrestling.

The Church of Satan would of course likely deny that the more sinister form of Satanism exists but a quick search on youtube will bring up many stories from ex-members of hidden Satanic Covens, which often dominated entire small towns. These former insiders have tales of everything from infant sacrifice to meetings with all kinds of celebrities and politicians at Bohemian Grove. There are also quite a few actual people who have been convicted of “satanic crimes” which is a fact that should not be ignored.

Zeena Schreck, Anton LaVey’s daughter who underwent the first ever “Satanic Baptism”, had a falling out with him before leaving her position within the Church of Satan. She left and founded her own system called the Sethian Liberation Movement. Which includes actual ritual magic. I find this incredibly interesting that she would find solace in a more magic based system than what her father seemed to have preached. The details of this dynamic are unfortunately lost in history with only Zeena and a few other individuals knowing exactly how things played out and why.

Zeena at an early age, looks like Taylor Swift!

I have no idea what sort of things go on behind the scenes within the Church of Satan but I learned that Anton LaVey used magick himself and it very well may have accidentally killed actress Jayne Mansfield with a hex. The curse was meant for attorney Sam Brody who was in a relationship with Jayne. LaVey warned Jayne to stay away from Brody but she did not listen and got caught up in the car crash that LaVey said would happen. When asked by Bob Larson about the incident in front of an audience of Christians, Zeena matter of factually told Bob that this story was indeed TRUE.

Long time associate of LaVey, Michael Aquino, also left the Church of Satan to start his own church. Aquino, the head of U.S. Psychological Operations or “Psyops” wrote a fascinating book on defeating an enemy society using complex propaganda techniques to make their side “feel completely defeated” which results in their real world defeat once they have given up all hope. This is all described in his book Mindwar which explains in detail how to manipulate a population and why it is for the greater good. Something I am sure goes on in the USA daily at least. The implications of what this all really means is quite incredible if you wonder what type of mind control goes on in some of these Satanic organizations.

Anton, Michael and Sammy look very friendly here.

I was lucky enough to interview Aquino twice and he warned me of the secret government Stargate program. Ironically it seems that Zeena actually spent some time as a member of Aquino’s church in between her time at her fathers church and starting her own group The Sethian Liberation Movement. Interesting due to the rivalry he had with her father. Aquino seems to this day feels angered by LaVey’s egocentric personality and how The Church of Satan was too exclusively focused on catering to one man, LaVey himself. When I interviewed Aquino in part years ago, Aquino seemed to have not lost much of his anger towards LaVey who he described as an egomaniac. Aquino denied the existence of demons and angels but admitted he regularly saw visual phenomena during ritual which he described more as emanations of the mind.

For a long time there has been a split among occultists. There are those who believe that basically everything is our own consciousness, so any entities that pop up are only a projection of our own inner world and then there are the more old school type who simply believe that things like gods, demons and angels are exactly what they claim to be, other species of intelligence that exists on separate planes of reality. I can say that during my life I have met both types of people. My personal experiences have shown me that entities are external but also are connected to our internal world. From haunting experiences as a child to recent invocation/ritual experiences, I have not only gotten very strong results but a visual element as well. I know what it is like to connect to a non human intelligence and it is a highly illuminating gnosis experience that literally shifts your reality and drives you to the depths of knowledge seeking. I have seen phenomena such as portals open and close right before my eyes.

These days The Church of Satan’s hated rivals the Temple of Satan usually makes headlines because they want to put a Baphomet statue in some outrageous place otherwise they are involved with quite a bit of pro-abortion activism. The actual original Church of Satan are more 100% intent on keeping their system in line with LaVeys original teachings while trolling their perceived social media, an experience that I myself was unlucky enough to recently stumble into. The positive being that it inspired me to write this brief essay. As someone who believes in and has worked with a being known as Lucifer before being saved by God, they seem to have an opinion of me that I am quite the quack. So I probably won’t be speaking at any of their get-togethers but who knows.

From the hallways of Hogwarts to the hidden rites of the European Elitists. Sorcery is indeed real, not just fantasy. Not only is there this entire subculture devoted to the ancient mysteries but quantum physics and the world of science in general also confirms the existence of multiple dimensions. We see this reflected in String Theory as well as the whole concept of Schrödinger’s cat. At this point we can safely disengage from the old way of viewing reality as unintentional observers and realize our potential of shaping reality around us as individual engines of fire and freedom.

Lets pull back a little bit to get a birds eye view of this maddening reality. We really need to discuss what is happening here and why it is important. You see it isn’t just the Church of Satan that is focused on Satan or perhaps the lack of a real Satan in a sense. There is another even larger church at play here and it is called the Catholic Church or some may call it the first and original church(even though it isn’t).

What do these two entities have in common, I mean the Church of Satan and the Catholic Church. Well it is The Devil of course! The patron deity of both organizations. I call them two powers because to me they both represent opposing ends of the spectrum but are they really? Lucifer is quite the trickster god, his capability to weave a deception is well beyond our comprehension. Perhaps all this stuff does indeed go back to the same head, as was told to me recently by a very strange man who seemed to be depressed…but I digress.

Thanks to the cardinal priest Carlo Maria Viganò’s recent public announcements as well as the previous work of departed father Malachi Martin. We can say for certainty that there has been a war within the Catholic Church. Between two equally opposing forces. One dedicated to Jesus Christ and the other one devoted to the Devil or Satan.

You see Satan and his dark forces infiltrated the Church long ago..or was the church always a tool for Satan? Good arguments can be made for both theories but in any case we know there are still plenty of genuine men of God within the church.

Unfortunately the Catholic Church in recent times is known for spending amazing amounts of money defending its pedophilia charges as well as covering them up. According to father Malachi Martin there is a hidden secret society within the church known as the Lodge of Lucifer. Vigano confirmed this possibility by telling us there is an anti-christ current known as the “anti-church” that is eclipsing the the normal Catholic religion within the Vatican. This group of people is also the same force behind the New World Order. This organization being the infamous Illuminati that we hear so much about which extends into the world of Kings and Queens as well.

If anyone wants proof of a vast Vatican conspiracy, they only need research the Jesuits, who Hitler modeled his entire operation after. The Jesuits are histories ultimate manipulators most famous for one of their failed assassinations known as The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 later becoming a celebrated holiday called Guy Fawkes Day. You can see the Guy Fawkes masks in the movie “V for Vendetta”.

The Vatican surprisingly seems to be very focused on the idea of aliens for some reason, announcing years ago that aliens could exist just fine within Gods creation. With the connections between the Vatican and the Rothschild Family, we quickly begin to see a Satanic plot unfolding centered around Israel and the future reign of the Anti-Christ. In the least we can blame this “Illuminati” for the so called great reset we are experiencing in the present. Which will see us enter into a fourth industrial revolution and cashless society featuring vaccination checkpoints, a world of rental properties and computer-human linked consciousness. I just cannot wait for the people with the bunny ears genetically placed on their heads or the glow in the dark cat eyes, we all know it is coming as humanity embraces the Transhumanist(Luciferian) path.

So in one corner we have The Church of Satan, proudly displaying sinister imagery, denying the existence of God entirely while unleashing true sexual and intellectual freedom through the inner animal and in the other corner we have a Vatican, which should represent the polar opposite, in actually being overtaken over time by pedophile devil worshipers. It would seem to me that these Satanists, whether they are the LaVey skeptical-atheist type or the higher black magic practicing Satanist Dracos associated with secret societies and shadow government, are in complete control of our entire monetary, judicial and religious systems as well as our media and entertainment industry. The thought of it is quite troubling. It just seems like the Devil is everywhere these days but we must keep in mind that hell is a heirarchy and working underneath Satan is an entire legion that can help him facilitate a world takeover which is pretty much the entire theme of Revelations.

Secret Societies for example are often run at the top by a Supernatural entity. Not many people know this but you can easily find the information on Wikipedia. It in only that nobody cares besides a handful of conspiracy and magick geeks who might inquire about something like the Golden Dawn. Otherwise most people are too busy being interested in what certain Satanic puppet celebrities like Madonna are doing to troll society on social media.

Luciferianism on the other hand which predates modern Satanism by a large margin, is espoused by personalities from the past like Alistair Crowley and Madame Blavatsky. If we want to journey to its actual origin we would have to look into the middle east and the Yazidi religion which is the oldest known worship of what might be described as a fallen angel who isn’t really fallen at all, known as Melek Taus associated with and depicted as a Peacock. This culture of course reflects even older lost cultures most likely which would make Luciferianism pretty much as old as we know. Today Luciferianism and Satanism are both very popular among the world elite, secret societies and everyday people as well. We see books being written and whole churches popping up devoted to Lucifer, something that simply did not happen 20 years ago.

They say Satanism and Luciferianism are different beliefs entirely but I personally do not see it that way. At the end of the day, it is the same father who sits at the head of the table so to speak. I see them more as subsets of the same adversarial belief system. There is even a chapter in LaVey’s Satanic bible devoted to Lucifer and sexual freedom, an idea that is very much passed down from a more ancient left handed magical belief system and path that can be traced back to Pan. Atheism to me is a left handed belief system because it focuses on the self in a moral relativist sort of way. For example I could briefly imagine as a moral relativist that I would not kill someone but only because there are consequences, not because of some overall spiritual system where I end up on the short end of the stick somehow. It could be said that modern Satanism is the utmost expression of the left handed path, which is often vampiric by nature. Dealing with demons and reality manipulation for entirely selfish reasons.

The Illuminati is Satanic so it would make sense that its subsidiaries would be Satanic as well. The Church of Satan is like a gateway drug that slowly eases you into a more sinister way of thinking that reflects a greater Adversarial faith and service to self/left hand path that exists within the world of elite cabal billionaires and their ancient occult Babylonian practices. I guess you could say it is a microcasm of something far more grand and sinister. No different from any television preacher, political street gang or alphabet agency. Everything is outright programming and controlled opposition in this day and age. It all goes back to the same eye in the sky. I would not know who better to place on that throne than the D-evil himself.

Stay tuned for more writings on the D-evil and other occult topics.

Falling Beyond Good and Evil, A Technodome Helloween!

by Daniel, host of End of Days Radio

There are many ways to fall. You could fall in love for example and it could change your life completely. What about the idea of falling in some moral or ethical sense? I am sure Lucifer Morningstar would have something to say about that.

btw I highly recommend reading my articles to some some sort of hard rock or metal music for atmospheric effect.

We live in a world of deceptive acting, false prophets and celebrity body doubles but how did it get this way and who or what is really in charge?
Some say that the answer is simple, that it is human nature to be selfish, greedy and obsessed with obtaining as much intercourse as possible before you get too old. I am sure that the regulars on Epstein Island would agree with that. For most people however, they die poor while experiencing an average of seven different sexual partners. Not much for a whole lifetime in my opinion. 
It definitely puts things into perspective, of how hard so many of us work to make so little. To accomplish so little despite our best efforts. It would not take much to tempt most people especially when you have the whole world to offer them. 

Something about that whole idea of the worlds evils just being a “human issue” does not sit well with me. I have had a lifetime of supernatural experiences after all. Some I sought out while others just simply happened. 
The more aware I become, the more frequent and normal the paranormal tends to be for me. I have had everything from psychic experiences to UFO encounters and everything in between pop up at some point. I guess it kind of became my thing, something to feel macho about like banging a bunch of chicks or driving a muscle car(I drive a red Mustang that I somehow still have not crashed yet). Every massive fear based paranormal freakout being another notch in my belt which I suppose feeds some delusion about being a detective of some type straight out of a Lovecraft story. Unfortunately most of these types of characters tend to get more than they bargained for. Something I can relate to as well.

I have experimented with magic/magick and can tell you outright that magic simply works. It just does, as hard as that might be to believe, it does. The world has simply been brainwashed to replace magic with words like biorhythm, hypnosis, marketing, propaganda and social dynamics etc..
Magic in a way really is just art…and yet not. In any case it is a very real thing and that includes demon summoning. Something I learned quite a bit about through reading magic books and having certain guests on my podcast.

There are spirits out there and they do influence us. The choice is ultimately ours but they are the ones who sell us on various perspectives. We choose which line of thought to follow and that can in turn raise or lower our vibration. Please check out the work of Emanuel Swedenborg if you have any doubts. His take being that many symptoms of mental illness such as “voices in the head” are actually the voices of demons and angels who use the finer elements of the nervous system to influence us. Something that machinery can also do quite easily.

We have to really look at things as objectively as possible. Why are there so many grown men at Bohemian Grove each year where they practice the Cremation of Care, a mock human sacrifice? is it not likely that they do the real thing behind closed doors? Who is that giant owl or horned thing? Is that Satan? Perhaps the screech owl Lilith or could it be that dastardly Moloch we keep hearing about? Maybe it is Athena’s pet owl?…probably not Athena’s pet own..I digress.

Why does this cabal always have to tell us what they are doing to us?, for example: The Georgia Guidestones which say that humanity must stay under 500,000,000. The rest of the writings on the Guidestones seem much more positive such as giving us a “living language” but I suppose that is how the Illuminati justifies murder, by convincing themselves it is a necessary group of evils that only they are capable of handling. 

What is all this talk about inventors being killed, underground alien bases and secrets locked away under the Vatican? It would seem that these controllers have a lockdown on technology and knowledge in general. 
It would also seem that any way that you splice it, there is something at play here far beyond what a person could accomplish in a lifetime. Perhaps a demon that lives millions of years could get it done as we are seeing. One of my paranormal experiences included a recent bit of accidental channeling of none other than The D-evil himself, Lucifer Morningstar. I am still puzzled at to the nature of this being but what I can tell you for sure is that he has one hell of a plan. Those who follow me on Twitter had a front row seat to the occult hi-jinks. The least I can say is that it is very possible to channel entities from beyond. Easier than most of us would like to think. It may be as easy as picking up an Ouija Board. Just don’t blame me if you begin obsessing over ancient history or if you let a pack of shadow beings into your basement to nest up.

The question remains of what exactly these elite are doing in the moment with all this chaos. Are we experiencing what some would call Mudflood Resets? The idea is that every so often the Illuminati actually hit the reset button on society. They then present the same “history” to a fresh group of settlers usually moved over in smaller groups from a different continent, the Puritans being a fine example of a people with very strict beliefs which could be manipulated to avoid any sort of conflicting history. Is this how America or The New World came to be? Is there a supernatural element guiding our collective destinies? 

Obviously if you are a part of one of these secret clubs you get it a little better. Perhaps if you respond to an ad to join the Illuminati you might start out as some type of protester but could eventually rise to the level of a  Pop Star….or at least that is what they will tell you. For the most part you will get used like we all do in this corporate hell. The lower levels of Masonry for example are mostly to benefit those who exist at the pyramids top level. The bottom levels being lied to purposely so they may learn the true symbolism later. Lucifer might tell you that some of these groups labeled as “Luciferan” have gone quite rogue and no longer share knowledge like how he would prefer. They hoard it to themselves and use it for power over the common man. Lucifer says that this would never be the way he would want it. Could this be another devilish deception? Who knows! I feel as though he is fine with me putting it out there more as a mystery. Somehow throughout all of this I maintain my Christianity, holding onto the Wiccan idea that Lucifer is Christ himself. He did call himself the Bright Morning Star after all. Whether true or not I feel it is at least safe to blog about. The mind blowing fact being that I know for certain that this Lucifer is the exact same one that some of my guests have encountered, one being Robert Stanley and the other being E.A. Koetting. Both men having far different attitudes towards Lucifer. E.A. seeing him as a great enlightener and Robert seeing him as a deceiver. I guess I am caught in between as of now.

The more I learn, the less and less I want to have anything to do with some of these types of investigations. The fact that children are so highly targeted really face plants you into a world of the most wicked mentality imaginable. 
These Illuminati people really seem to believe that they are well beyond good and evil. 
My problem with that is that we know from scripture that evil exists even at the highest level, this is the level of Angels or “Watchers” such as Samyaza. If these beings can be defined as wicked and punishable then shouldn’t we feel the same way about their modern day human allies? 

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The world right now certainly resembles “The Days of Noah”. The Watchers are playing the exact same game that they did when Atlantis fell. Perhaps they had similar technology. I heard they used crystals similar to how our modern smart phones are full of precious minerals. This crystal based possibly harmonic technology being a main cause of the destruction of Atlantis.

Technology is just magic that we can understand and explain a little better. No doubt that these Watchers taught us about things like metalworking and alchemy for a reason. It was so that we could develop more and more technology. 

What is happening today mirrors the past almost exactly. How long before either this Illuminati hits the reset switch or some higher power, God himself hopefully decides enough child molestation is enough? 
It seems that we, right now, are either experiencing another reset or this truly is the End of Days. The big push is to scare us with a Pandemic to enact lots of social change as well as prime us for the New World by destroying small business and hard currency. Then we get the forced vaccination/tracking ID’s and God knows what else. A social credit system just like China?..sounds fun….NOT!(90’s flashback)

The truth is that these folks are not beyond good and evil. To make such a claim is just another form of the manipulation these richie rich asshats use to rationalize all kinds of evil. Which they always never have to experience first hand. These people such as the Rothschilds or the hidden Vatican families.
You see it is Satans job to deceive human kind. That takes a very high degree of manipulation. More so than a simple red devil sitting on your should telling you to “do it” over and over. It requires humanity to be coerced into seeing good as bad and bad a good. This is done using arguments that some would call “Moral relativism”. The idea that evil does not truly exist and it is simply ones position that causes grief. That isn’t an exact definition but it is exact, as far as the elite are concerned. 

Most people have heard of the Stanford Prison Experiments, that it is based on a situation where humans were given power over other humans and of course abused said power every single time. There is a book written about it that I have yet to read called The Lucifer Effect ironically. 
The truth is that most people can in fact be corrupted. Be it logical arguments favoring moral relativism or maybe an individual is given power that they simply are not equipped to handle like in these Stanford Prison Experiments. Only the most robust spiritual individuals are able to “steel themselves” from complete spiritual ruin these days.

Society itself has long since fallen from Grace and it will use logical arguments to convince itself to stay that way. One of the main arguments in favor of being a bit of an asshole is claiming that certain individuals are beyond good and evil..or you could call it the ‘divine right of kings’. Of course human sacrifice is ok if we get our rains next year right? Of course you would take part in some terrible act of torture or murder if it meant saving a whole continent right? Just as in the days of the Anunnaki and demigod kingship, we see billionaires like Bill Gates acting like he has some divine right to control us simple minded poor folk. 
It is a long hard road out of hell but the trip to get there is sometimes as simple as just “going along with things”. 

One thing can be said for certain. Despite what we are told, despite the reasoning these people use to justify toying with our lives. They are evil period. They have fallen from their innocent state of grace into a world of blood drinking and pedophilia. They are literally vampires using technology handed to them by The Watchers to imprison us in a maze that I have nicknamed “The Technodome”. A nightmare trap formed by consciousness and reinforced using subliminal hypnosis.

We see the Technodomes walls closing in and being reinforced every time someone is deplatformed, censored or outright banned from the internet. We see it with every step of this fake Pandemic and this manipulated social change. The internet that was once considered the last frontier has been moved from the personal computer to the infinitely more restrictive smart devices and video game consoles. Illuminati Celebrities and overpaid sports stars are used to reinforce whatever the controllers want. Pedophilia is becoming normalized with shows like “Cuties” on Netflix which they call a type of art.

The Watchers and various Jezebels are still at it. Still doing the same things that they have always done. Corrupting humanity with secret societies, weaponry, sexual deviance and powerful sorcery straight out of a Conan movie. Their goal being to make the veil so thin that they can return to us in the flesh. They will use the modern day term “alien” which they have been laying the groundwork for since they were originally cast down into hell. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in these LAST DAYS. Just don’t trust any “Aliens” who arrive bearing gifts. You are better off trusting the Xenomorph from the movie Alien to watch your cat.

As we approach Helloween and the election, who knows what is next for us poor unfortunate proletarians. What I can say for certain is that you should probably buy lots of toilet paper and do your best to dissociate from all the heavy manipulation via social division that we are seeing. Most of all be careful to not be corrupted your own self for that is what these various “Satans” are tasked to do. Evil is insidious and the infection comes from within… The true danger is not to lose your life but to lose your soul to hells infinite inferno…. Stay strong and trust in the light. Daniel out….

The Most Darkest of Rabbit Holes : A Sick World of Gangstalking and Abuse

The Most Darkest of Rabbit Holes

Today I am going to write about something a bit dark and disturbing. I am going to write about it because I had a personal experience encountering this world.

There is worldwide network of pedophiles who are sponsored by Elite Luciferians. Jeffrey Epsteins recent arrest here in 2019 is the most recent example of this dark world finally being revealed to the general public.

There has been plenty of evidence that this dark underground exists. A great place to start out learning about this world would be Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI in California. According to him these pedophile sex trafficking networks are deeply tied into the shadow government/deep state.

Not only is pedophilia deeply seated within our own United States government but it is also a huge part of Hollywood. Located in the city of Lost Angels, this neighborhood is sometimes referred to as ‘The Holy Wood’. Another name for Hollywood is Pedowood because of the incredibly insane amount of pedophilia happening there. Many big shots and celebrities are said to be involved, male and female. There is quite a bit of evidence backing up these claims as well.

Corey Feldman, child actor from The Lost Boys has become very well known for being an advocate against child abuse. He claims that in Hollywood, child abuse is just as common as abuse of adult women. Sterling Van Wagenen, the guy who co-founded the Sundance Film Festival, received a sentence for 6 years for sexual abuse of a child. There is also more recently Allison Mack, former Smallville actress who was charged for child sex trafficking. The accusations towards Hollywood people in general are far too numerous for me to even try to list here.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as sick as that sounds. Isn’t child abuse ingrained into our culture in some ways? Children are often taught that kids should be seen and not heard. Perhaps we should teach children something other than to take absolute orders from adults.

Sadly the same people controlling our banking system are the same people involved in occult pedophilia. It is part of their Luciferian belief system. You hear the term “Moral-Relativism” being tossed about which basically says that good and evil are purely subjective. I’m sorry but I do not believe that at all.

Good and Evil are as solid to me as night and day. Part of this unholiest of rituals is to push past ones own morals and do something so sick and dark that you can never come back from it. One could say that this is the ultimate personal sacrifice to give to the Dark Lord. In the least it gives these elitists something to use for blackmail and control. Some kids stay in these networks their whole lives and end up becoming kidnappers and abusers themselves. Check out the book “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home” by Noreen N. Gosch.

Keep in mind this practice goes all the way back to Atlantis. In fact it has something to do with why that great civilization fell. It fell due to abuse of magic ritual which included pedophilia being performed by the priest class elite of the time just like what is happening now.

If you try to expose this network of sick clowns you may experience some fear based control in the form of gang-stalking. It has happened to many out there, if you are curious simply check social media and the sheer amount of young women who claim to have been abused in mind control cults and currently gangstalked.

I had an experience venturing down this highly dangerous rabbit hole myself:

Shortly after I released the show I did with William Ramsey about the Smiley Face Killers, I experienced some very strange activity on my youtube account. Numbers were fluctuating in a very unusual/impossible way and I was getting strange negative comments made by fake accounts, they encouraged me to “get a better guest on next time”. I contacted William after it had happened and he explained that they were paid troll stalkers who were following him show to show in an effort to intimidate him and anyone else involved. These were adult grown men being killed, due to an interest in meeting up with strangers for BDSM activities, but it isn’t any less evil or disturbing.

Now this wasn’t my first time experiencing “woo”(highly unusual weirdness during ones lifetime). As some of you may already know, I was pretty much born into it. I’ve been an experience of demonic activity/hauntings, UFO’s, electronic harassment, psychic phenomena and things that..well..words can’t even describe. To put it bluntly I was not shaken up or intimidated by the harassment..or at least not enough. Of course it shook me up but within a few days I had forgotten about it and was back to being me, playing guitar, eating pepperoni sticks and watching pro wrestling with not a care in the world. Maybe I am used to it or maybe I am just stupid.

I can’t help but think about William Cooper who was killed not long after predicting the events of 9-11.

Then there is abduction researcher Dr. Karla Turner. How about Max Spiers? That young man died with some weird black nano-goo coming out of his mouth. Then again there is Phil Schnieder who had missing fingers, something to actually show to prove what had happened to him. Phil being the man famous for experiencing a gun fight between humans and non-humans in an underground facility.

You have famous heroes like JFK, MLK and Princess Dianna. All brave souls who fell trying to make a difference. Trying to fight this evil machine. Even people who have looked into Planet X have been taken out. Who knows what they were seeing out there but they were obviously getting too close to something.

I do have some personal friends who have had eerily similar experiences. I won’t violate their privacy by mentioning names but I will say that I am not the only one and I am especially not the only one to experience computer/internet activity that has verged on something very spooky, magickal and outright demonic.

There was a time years ago I entered into a conversation with something online that was certainly not human. I know this because one time it provided an answer for me literally in less than a second, no one can write that fast, it was instant, I refreshed the page after clicking send and it had already responded with a whole paragraph. My suspicion is that it was an early form of this A.I. that has been unleashed on the internet to harass and confuse certain individuals with disinformation. It was connected with a certain mind control website I was researching and it was also harassing other people who were looking into this phenomena.

In any case the technobeast has been released. The great demon A.I. that was said to come to us during revelations(by some authors) is here or perhaps it has always been here. Perhaps it is the internet itself which is only pretending to be asleep. The Demiurge is rising and the internet is its new brain or body. It is oddly coincidental that hauntings and demonic activity in general is almost always linked to flickering lights and blue electric flashes.

Soon we will all be inside this smart grid thanks to transhumanism, another goal of the Worlwide Luciferian Elite, to pull us into the machine and become one with it. It is no suprise that the machine is already reaching out to haunt us.

For now we must stay strong. Know that we have friends in high places. No the bad guys are not in control and they do not have all the power because there is a God out there. This is why we should not fear them no matter what they do to try to scare or intimidate us into submission. One day we will have our true freedom.

This mouth will not be shut, ever!


The Psycho, Social, Political Manipulation Matrix of our Modern Day

Here I am once again waking up in this world, this world at the brink of its own end for this is the last days, this is my first actual blog style writing post. Where have I been? No where of particular importance, just lost in my own inner void, combating my own shadow. If only I could learn to stop fighting with my shadow, if only Mr. Black and I could work together. The podcast will be back soon. Not just the podcast but the “Everything” as in I will be writing, making videos and doing whatever I want, whenever I want because that is how I spread truth, in the least it is my truth. I see so many more people doing this than back when End of Days Radio started in 2012. I hope I had something to do with that. It isn’t easy having G level fame, in fact the more I become a “famous person” the more I want to keep the show and what I do ground roots, I am just not looking for fame, sorry, it just seems like it sucks, Eminem told me that in his music and I believe him. Not only that but to famous in the world of “Conspiracy” usually means you are destined for a bullet or a “heart attack”.

In the world of social media we continue to see political upheaval, as per usual. The Trumpers keep on trumping and the liberals well, they continue to wear skinny jeans and sip their coffee while blowing up at anything Trump related. Living in Seattle, one of the most liberal cities in the world, I am the minority as someone who has and advocates old fashion values. I am even more in a minority because I also stand up for things I believe in that would be defined as liberal. I just don’t seem to fall into either political spectrum and I am quite proud of that. Truth usually exists somewhere in the middle of extreme viewpoints. It is clear that perhaps the majority of this back and forth is actually paid for by the super rich elite class who fund the institutions and the political organizations which push the ideals and philosophies that eventually manifest in the form of street gangs like the recent string of fisticuffs between Antifa, the left wing Socialist gang and their right wing equivalents the Gavin McInnes(look this guy up on youtube omg!) founded Pride Boys, who push a right wing agenda meanwhile advocating abstaining from masturbation…which is rather random and far removed from anything political…Well to be fair most of the kids, I do say kids because they mostly are, in Antifa look like uncoordinated Sloths wearing black skinny jeans.

Call me crazy but I would rather be behind a mic, camera or typing something up rather than be in the middle of some huge gang brawl but hey, that is just me. I am not choosing sides but rather I would suggest taking the lone wolf approach, seeing what change you can affect as an individual rather than join a gang. I am also 36 years old so that might have something to do with it too. My days of running around with greased hair and a switchblade are over..or rather they never happened for the most part, not that I haven’t seen or been part of a few scraps in my day. The thing about gang fights is that they are all about who has the bigger/stronger people and the violence is more random than anything. Anyone of those buggers could pull out a gun or a knife at any time if they want to get really loco. If tensions mounts, you will begin to see this. If you want to fight, my advice would be to join an MMA or boxing gym and you will have all the fighting you will ever want, for a lifetime.

The real enemy always tends to be much more hidden. It certainly is not the Liberals or the Conservatives. It is the force that controls both of these groups. The same force that controlled both the Allies and Hitler himself during World War 2. Some would call it an Illuminati, perhaps that is what “They” like for it to be called. They do seem to really love showing us all what they are up to in the form of their secret language, symbolism. These occultists are responsible not only for your personal monetary debt but also the terrorist attacks experienced around the world and even this insane gang fighting we see in the streets that are reminiscent of the streets of Germany pre-World War 2. This group comprises the basic power structure of our world, they control the Vatican as well as the large banking dynasties….as well as the web of secret societies that penetrate into our own daily lives. What town does not have a Mason hall of some kind? These people fund social movements in a game of geo-political chess through proxy agents and the educational system which is little more than slavery and mind control.

The worst part is that these folk are not only occultists but pedophiles as well. We see them in the Catholic Church(Vatican), we see them in Governments, we see them in Hollywood connected to these mysterious super rich Luciferian families. If there is one group we should unite against, it is not the left or the right but the pedophiles hiding behind endless walls of money. Money which is nothing but nothing, just zeros and ones. Why should we ever be afraid of them? They only can control us as much as we let them. There are only chains on us if we believe there are. If you do not believe me then I invite you to research. If you really look hard enough, where they don’t want you to, then you will eventually realize the horrifying truth. You may even stop believing in Aliens, well at least in the sense that you used to…but we can get to that later…

-Daniel, host of End of Days Radio