Cheryl Wilkinson | Disappearance of Corrie Mckeague | EODR 54

Cheryl Wilkinson has been looking into the mysterious disappearance and likely death of Corrie McKeague which baffles both police and normal citizens to this very moment. Cheryl has taken part in a Reddit thread which has led to her actually being gang stalked and harassed by a mystery element and that is why she is here with us today.

Daniel begins by asking Cheryl to please describe what happened from start to finish. Cheryl then launches into her amazing story about when she first started the Reddit thread and how facts about the case began to emerge. They discuss the story in its entirety and the various facts and theories surrounding the case such as the strange garbage truck cell phone data, Corrie being in the military, dating apps and Corries suddenly pregnant girlfriend fleeing to America.

Cheryl then gets into the scary part, the gangstalking and hacking that occurred since she involved herself with the case. We learn that Cheryl was in fact a pawn in some very dangerous game. This is a true Mystery that will leave your heart pulsing and your mind spinning.

Cheryl’s Youtube Channel


After the break Daniel comes back to discuss the man building a rocket to self propel himself into proving flat earth, a very perverted Clown, Dragonball Super, The DC Multiverse, the power of prayer, death of Charles Manson/David Cassidy and he also reads some email from listeners.


End of Days Radio Holiday 2017 | EODR 53

This is an End of Days Radio Holiday special. Since Daniel messed up and was unable to schedule the Halloween special, he decided to combine his own birthday with Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving to create the best holiday special of all time.

Daniel starts off by explaining how End of Days Radio might be more popular than ever but still isn’t quite what Daniel envisioned in his mind. He announces the return of “fun shows” where Daniel will go on the air regardless of if he has a guest booked or not.

Daniel begins by talking about some world news including if the recent wave of octopuses beaching themselves in England is indeed a sign of the End Times. Daniel talks about how happy he was to be wished a happy birthday by Stewart Swerdlow from the Montauk Project.

Daniel goes on to explain the importance of being yourself before he is interrupted by a call by none other than radio legend Art Bell himself. Art wishes Daniel a happy birthday and then talks to Daniel a bit about what he has been up to.

The curtain comes down and Daniel reveals that Art isn’t Art at all but none other than Wolfman Mike who returns from a long absence from End of Days Radio with his new Art Bell impersonation. Daniel and Wolfman talk about everything from summoning UFO’s to Ghost Hunting to his ability to psychically connect with his brother.

Todd the Bod then calls in to wish us all some happy holiday cheer. Daniel and Todd discuss the creepy cult where female members were getting branded.

Daniel finishes the show by reading some fan mail.