Laura Faye | Twin Flames in the Aquarian Age | EODR 157

“Laura Faye is a Galactic Channeler, Starseed, and New Earth Ascension Guide. We have arrived at the Zero Point of the Aquarian Age. Light Warriors are Awakening, and remembering their Soul Gifts & Calling. DNA Lightcode Activations are upgrading your physical vessel to enable you to vibrate at a Higher state of consciousness. Psychic & Supernatural abilities are coming online. Laura’s Mission is to help you Exit The Matrix, and shift from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension New Earth.

Laura is a Psychic intuitive, Energy Reader. She uses Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Oracle, and Tarot to receive messages from your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and the Akashic Records.”

Laura joins Daniel on this episode to discuss many of the the topics above as well as the Twin Flame Experience. Dr. Robert and Todd join in on the discussion as well. Later we hear a bit of science from Grub.


Sam | News that is Weaponized | EODR 156

This episode we are joined by Sam, the creator and host of Weaponized News, a show and really a bit of an activism movement that started partly due to the events of 9-11. We talk to Sam and discuss The Great Reset as well as the injustices being rolled out around the world. We are later joined by Dr. Robert, Grub and Hekamet O.


Rowan | A Modern Day Leonardo da Vinci | EODR 155

A long time friend of Daniel joins us for a very special End of Days Radio. Hailing from Australia, Rowan takes us on a journey into the fundamentals of Karma and how it works within this illusionairy Matrix we are part of. Rowan heroically takes on every topic introduced by our panel which includes Clint Aestwood, Dr. Robert, Todd the Bod, Mad Max/Al and Grub.

They discuss everything from psychedelics to Luciferianism.


Diego Bosch | The Rothschild Illuminati Ball of 1972 | EODR 154

In the year of our lord 1972, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild decided to throw an Illuminati Ball at a huge Satanic looking mansion. Audrey Hepburn was one of the star guests wearing a bird cage on her head.

Diego Bosch is a historian looking into this weird event that took included the legendary surrealist Salvador Dalí. He is studying the concept of a New World Order. He joins us today to discuss the party. Together we begin picking apart the symbology of the Illuminati using advanced occult knowledge.