An Illuminati Insider Tells All | Predada Severa part 2 | EODR 109

An Illuminati Insider Tells All | Predada Severa part 2

This is a six hour super interview that has to be heard.

Predada Severa returns for the second part that was promised.

He takes Daniel so deep into the rabbit hole, things evolve into a 6 hour long Truth sequence of mind blowing proportions. Listen to the veil get destroyed as the gap between the average Joe and the world of ancient magics, aliens and conspiracy is finally bridged. Learn the true fate of Hitler and how it relates to modern times, and obviously a whole lot more than that.



Matt Landman | Mind Controlled Shills, Chemtrail Dusting, Elon Musk Darkside | EODR 107

Matt Landman is an activist and filmmaker who specializes in 5G, vaccines, chemtrails and anything else that is threatening humanity. Matt and Daniel have a very interesting conversation about all the changes in the world since he was last on. Daniel asks Matt if he feels vindicated that the things he has been warning us of are now a present in your face danger to us all. They go on to discuss things like shills, reptilians and how things might actually play out.