Connie Willis | Bigfoot Hunting, Waverly Hills, Michael Jackson | EODR 89

Connie Willis, best known for being a Coast to Coast AM host and founder of Blue Rock Talk as well as her new series “On the Road with Connie”, joins Daniel for one heck of a journey into Connies past, her beliefs and some of her wildest adventures. We learn about Connie’s new program called On the Road with Connie that allows the viewer to interact and join her on her expeditions.

Daniel asks about Bigfoot Hunting and we hear some positively greats stories. Connie has encountered Bigfoot and many other things in her adventures. She tells a very chilling story about Waverly Hills and a 15 foot tall winged Shadow Being that was spotted by a close colleague.

Connie gives her opinion of the Michael Jackson documentary and admits that it did change her opinion a bit. Daniel commits to being unbiased and to watch to documentary even though he is a huge Michael Jackson fan.

Connie then tells some awesome stories about meeting people like Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Randy Travis and Michael Jackson himself who she was able to see in concert. Connie gives Daniel some great tips for his program.