Tyler Joseph | The Sinister Tarot and Belial | EODR 111

Tyler Joseph is a tarot artist – most notably for The Sinister Tarot: New Aeon edition. He joins the show today to discuss LHP misconceptions – The Sevenfold Way occult pathworking traditions (Sinister/Numinous) – Sigil magic -Psychedelic integration into occult rituals and much more.

In this one of a kind interview brought together by magical forces. Daniel asks Tyler about such topics as The Illuminati, Blood Rituals, The Secret Society Tyler Started, Belial, The Vaccine, Tylers Porn Career, Psychedelic Drugs and much more.

At the end Tyler actually busts out his Sinister Tarot deck which you can view on the video version of the show.

During the after show Daniel gets in a debate about God with Todd, takes a call from John Conner and learns something completely wild from Al.



Max Igan | The Submission of Society | EODR 110

Fan favorite and friend of the show Max Igan joins us in these troubled times to discuss the global pandemic and Great Reset. He talks about Trump and and how it all led to the subjugation of certai groups in the states. Max and Daniel go quite in depth in discussion the isolation of the individual and how it can destroy a persons will to fight back. Max does not have a smart phone which Daniel finds quite fascinating.



E.A. Koetting | Demonic Gatekeepers, Satan, Lucifer, Left Handed Path Truth | EODR 109

World Renown magician E.A Koetting joins End of Days Radio this Apocalyptic night, he is a left handed magician and author of many hit books among occultists including the Demonic Gatekeeper series that we discuss in depth in this interview.

Things start off with E.A. and Daniel sharing a laugh about how much things have changed since last time they had talked.

This interview is a wild ride into the world of left handed magic. In depth is a true spiritual lesson as to the nature of truth and why what we call black magic is very different than what most conspiracy theorists might believe. E.A. answers many key questions from Daniel including why the fall is so important.

Daniel is excited for this interview as he has had some very serious personal spiritual experiences lately of the left handed path nature. He spends much of this interview telling E.A. of his recent magic experiences.


An Illuminati Insider Tells All | Predada Severa part 2 | EODR 109

An Illuminati Insider Tells All | Predada Severa part 2

This is a six hour super interview that has to be heard.

Predada Severa returns for the second part that was promised.

He takes Daniel so deep into the rabbit hole, things evolve into a 6 hour long Truth sequence of mind blowing proportions. Listen to the veil get destroyed as the gap between the average Joe and the world of ancient magics, aliens and conspiracy is finally bridged. Learn the true fate of Hitler and how it relates to modern times, and obviously a whole lot more than that.



Matt Landman | Mind Controlled Shills, Chemtrail Dusting, Elon Musk Darkside | EODR 107

Matt Landman is an activist and filmmaker who specializes in 5G, vaccines, chemtrails and anything else that is threatening humanity. Matt and Daniel have a very interesting conversation about all the changes in the world since he was last on. Daniel asks Matt if he feels vindicated that the things he has been warning us of are now a present in your face danger to us all. They go on to discuss things like shills, reptilians and how things might actually play out.