Jin the Ninja | Walking the Middle Path | EODR 167

“A dissident tantrayanist (practitioner of diamond-thunder Buddhism), semi-retired sorcerer, who alongside General Lee presented a groundbreaking+ seminal 11-part comparative theology series of The Mahavidys a syncretic grouping of 10 wisdom “goddesses” from Nepal with the Hebrew Kabbalah Tree of Life. Tries his Best to follow the middle path, breaker of the dialectic and host of the Threshold Saints Podcast.”

Jin the Ninja joins Daniel to tell the story of his spiritual journey starting with finding The Monkey King. They get into everything from A to Dragonball Z. We then get a great panel going with Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, Todd the Bod, George and Al aka Martian Mad Man who join Jin and Daniel

After the Break we debut Doctor Roberts new segment..yet to be named.



Howard George Stirrup | Secrets of Occult Masonry | EODR 166

Howard was born on Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom. Moved to Spain when he was 14 years old. Didn’t believe 911 as grandfather’s family was from Syria. Saw how corrupt the banking system is with documentary Zeitgeist. Saw Illuminati in Hollywood movies and music videos. Joined Freemasonry for 3 years up to 3rd degree, with intent to discover the truth. Became aware that NASA lies and the all Astronauts are members of secret societies. Realized that the Great Architect of the Universe, isn’t the Creator but rather the deceiver/adversary.

Howard joins the show and goes on a deep dive with Daniel and and absolutely killer panel that includes Doctor Robert, Clint Aeastwood, Raven Keefer and Logan.



John Brisson | The Finders Cult and The CIA | EODR 165

John Brisson is here to talk to us about his upcoming book about The Finders and their connections to a much wider dark conspiracy. We deep dive into the world of Alice Bailey, The New World Order, child sex trafficking and the fake white hat psyops.

We are joined by Doctor Robert, Todd Miller, Clint Aestwood who engage with John and stay for the after show.


Dave Sarra | Halloween Revelations | EODR 164

Friend of the show and stand up comic Dave Sarra joins us to celebrate All Hallows Eve. We get into 90’s slang vs. the slang of today, Dragonball, Skankfest and the horrors of Gaza.


After the break the guys do a Halloween ritual.

We are later joined by Dr. Robert and Clint Aestwood who get into a bit of a debate about legal matters. Dr. Robert then brings up a new project that him and Daniel and working on.

Clint finishes the last part of the show by taking us down the rabbit hole.


Brandon Joe Williams | State National Status | EODR 163

Brandon Joe Williams is a common law lawyer and author of several books which can be found on Amazon. He is a California state national and is here to explain to us the power of language and how the wording via contractual law stipulates the type of society we live in. We journey back to the days of post slavery where we learn the difference between a US Citizen and a State National. Brandon explains how a drivers license is not really necessary and how a state national is not actually obligated to pay taxes.


When we come back from break Dr. Robert and Todd join Daniel to deep dive into the Gaza situation. Daniel brings up East Palestine Ohio.