Robert Stanley | Luciferians, Sitchin, Possession | EODRAD 10

Posted On Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 By ninjashoes

In this very special End of Days Radio, Daniel is joined by Robert M. Stanley, who is an all around researcher into the Paranormal who goes very deep into the Luciferfian agenda as well as Archons, Demons, Aliens and more. He is the creator and owner of Unicus Magazine and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and many other Paranormal media outlets.

Daniel started off by asking Robert about his background, Robert talks about his roots and explains the darkness behind Malibu and how it isn’t all sunshine and waves. Robert goes on to explain the possessed boy who needed his help and how this led to him seeing Archonic creatures and eventually meeting up with Lucifer himself later on. Robert explains what exactly Lucifer is, what he wants and how he is in direct control of the Earth and its media. Daniel points out some things that correlate such as Masons talking to him about Lucifer and Father Malachi Martin’s past appearances on Coast to Coast.

Robert goes on to talk about the long history of UFO’s being seen in Washington D.C. and how no human could possibly stop them from doing what ever they want to do there since the Luciferian Alien Agenda is in full control.

Robert then explains how Zecharia Sitchin was actually funded by global interests and has been tasked with brainwashing humanity with an inverse truth. It turns out Enki is not the friend of humanity but is actually just another name for Lucifer who is the head of a large inter-galactic empire.

Daniel asks if porn can lower a persons vibration which prompts Robert to give a big yes and goes on to explain how we are in fact being manipulated into eventually having sex with machines. Daniel points out that it is happening already with Virtual Reality and Robert answers back that Daniel has no idea how long this has been going on and how bad it truly is.

During break Daniel plays Odins Chalice 3 by Al as part of Daniels plan to help underground artists get their music heard by his audience.

Wrap Up:

Daniel talks about Trumps decision to give a family member a top position then moves on to discuss a few paranormal news stories.

Daniel then explains about how he is a real truthseeker who is not trying to get famous or make money. He talks about how he has been accused of trying to become a standup comic and assures everyone that he has no desire to do that and is focused on paranormal matters only. He then talks about the evil of Seaworld before going into a strange monologue about The Incredible Hulk fighting Superman before ending the show with a huge shoutout to Bellgab.


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Trump, Hypnotism and Dating Tips | EODRAD 9

Posted On Sunday, January 8th, 2017 By ninjashoes

Daniel starts off by talking about the four people who abducted the mentally disabled man and tortured him. He talks about how he does not understand why Trump being elected president would cause racial violence.

He then goes on to talk about The Paranormal Dating site and why he is against all forms of online dating. Daniel goes on to give several excellent tips on some everyday basic things that a guy can do to improve his dating “points”. He then gives a big shoutout to Chefist and his new show Martinez Tonight, Daniel talks about how thankful he is to have been able to confront his ex-cohost for trying to steal his creation “End of Days Radio”. Daniel reminds everyone that he will never stop fighting to protect his show.

Things then switch up as Daniel begins talking about the possibility of there being entities that walk around us at all times but are just beyond our perception due to the hypnosis of humanity. He then takes a very quiet call from Al and chit chats a bit about several topics including the alien issue and underground bases.

Daniel then concludes his discussion with Al and goes back to talking about the hypnosis before once again going after Alex Jones and reminding Jones that his challenge to him to prove he is not a disinfo agent still stands. Daniel then dedicates the episode to William Cooper who is a fallen hero of the resistance.


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Ralph Ellis | Hyksos, Jesus and Egypt | EODR 8

Posted On Thursday, January 5th, 2017 By ninjashoes

This episode Daniel is joined by none other than historian Ralph Ellis who has wrote quite a few compelling books on history.

Unfortunately due to Daniels error, he forgot to hit record until 15 minutes in and lost Ralphs beautiful introduction into the topic so Daniel does his best to repeat what Ralph said.

Ralph then begins to give a compelling two hour interview about the true history of Egypt, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Josephus Flavius and The Jewish People.

We hear a bit about the notorious Freemasons as well. This is a seriously educational and compelling interview where many loose ends are tied and the dots of history are connected in a logical and rational fashion.

wrap up:

Daniel speaks about something very important in his personal life.


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Daniel’s true nature revealed | EODRAD 7

Posted On Sunday, January 1st, 2017 By ninjashoes

Daniel starts off by talking about a few topics such as how very bad the Independence Day Sequel was and what went wrong with that movie. He talks a bit about Pizzagate and advises everyone to check out a guy named Professor Griff.

Daniel then takes a break and comes back with bad news. It seems that the guest that was booked is missing in action. Daniel talks about how tough it makes things when guests confirm several times then don’t show up during game time. He explains that he isn’t going to let things like this make him angry or upset and goes onto say that a true radio personality needs to be able to go on air and be entertaining if their guest is not able to make it. He then goes into a monologue about Howard Stern and what makes him so different and great in radio before switching gears and talking a bit about how Joe Rogan is like the forefather of all modern day podcasting. Daniel gives some advice to upcoming podcasters and says that you will never have fun unless you can be yourself on air.

Daniel talks about ABC’s hit reality The Bachelor.

Todd calls in, says the Bachelor sucks and says things to trigger Daniel who once again becomes very upset and irate about the Michael situation. Daniel apologizes to the fans that the topic keeps coming up but goes on to quickly explain that he is in a lot of emotional and mental pain and is only expressing himself in order to heal his wounds.

Darren from Monster Castle Paranormal then calls in and talks to Daniel a bit. They share a mutual love of comedy orientated paranormal programs.

Daniel begins an intelligent monologue about the true existence of aliens and beings that are beyond our perception.

Suddenly things take a serious turn towards the weird as Daniel opens up and begins a rather odd explanation about who he truly is. He goes on to explain his true roots and why he has been tortured by paranormal events his entire life. Daniel is unsure if this information should be shared with the public but oops too late.


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Forum Re-Opened!

Posted On Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 By ninjashoes

Due to high demand from listeners. The End of Days Radio Forum has been re-opened. It was originally meant to be a place for a great amount of knowledge and I would like to get back there again.

Please sign up if you haven’t yet. Anyone trying to troll or bully others will not be tolerated. Members will feel safe to express themselves without harassment.

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