Stewart Swerdlow | Psy Abilities, Draconians, Annunaki | EODRAD 14

Posted On Sunday, February 12th, 2017 By ninjashoes

This episode Daniel is joined by Stewart Swerdlow who is most famous for being part of the infamous Montauk project. Most of this interview is heavily focused on the alien aspect of Stewart’s experiences throughout his life as well as the Montauk project itself. Daniel has just recently read Stewart’s first book “Montauk: The Alien Connection” and is very curious to ask Stewart questions regarding aliens.

They start out at the beginning as Stewart talks about growing up and his first ever alien encounter. He talks about what motivated him to write his first book and explains why he picked a butterfly alien to be on the cover.

Daniel asks Stewart about whether the alleged meetings took place post World War 2 between alien groups and the earth’s governments. Stewart goes on to explain that this was hardly the first time aliens have met up with human leaders. The conversation moves deeper into the past as Stewart explains how the Annunaki were actually a non-Draconian race of Reptilians who later found themselves in conflict with the reptilian Draconians who actually rose to dominance afterwards.

Stewart goes on to explain in detail more aspects of the Draconian faction of reptilian aliens. Daniel asks about how big they get as well as if the Queen of England is actually truly a hybrid herself.

The topic of mind control and programming comes up and Daniel asks several more questions related to ceremonial magic, programming, cannibalism, Pizzagate(which Stewart informs is likely fake programming) and much more.

During the break, Daniel continues the trend by playing a few more songs from Circle A Enterprises and then plays the new End of Days Radio theme once again.

Fringe News and Listener Roundtable:

Daniel talks about a few stories from the news including the scientist who has claimed to now have scientific evidence of aliens.

Al calls in to discuss the interview and a few other topics. Todd calls in to announce his birthday and then Vanessa joined the line to wish Todd a happy birthday and for a little zombie talk.


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Mary Rodwell | Starseeds, Illuminati, Telepathy | EODRAD 13

Posted On Sunday, February 5th, 2017 By ninjashoes

Daniel starts off by telling everyone about his new favorite spicy ghost pepper chips.

Then as we begin the interview portion of the show, Daniel is joined by Mary Rodwell, who is a professional counsellor, hypnotherapist, ufo researcher and metaphysician. Mary is the founder and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) and is recognised Internationally, as one of Australia’s leading researchers in the UFO and Contact phenomenon. She is the Vice-President of Star Kids Project Ltd and an Advisory Committee member of Exopolitics.

Daniel starts off by asking about Mary’s background. They then move onto talking about the main focus of Mary’s work, the hybrid children. Daniel comments that many people have trepidations of anything alien out of fear that they might be dealing with demons, Mary comments on this idea and points out that the idea of mysterious strangers appearing in someone’s room of course would cause alarm but fear is one of the major things blocking our greater understanding of Starseeds.

They then discuss the Starseeds powers in detail. Mary explains that they have telepathic abilities and telekinetic abilities as well as being able to sometimes see into the future. This puts these children at the forefront of humanities evolution but could also cause them to be recruited on the side of darker agendas. Daniel asks Mary about the Reptilians as well and the Mantis aliens and how they might be involved. He asks her about the Illuminati’s interest in Starseeds and mary points of that the Miilabs phenomena is very real.


During the break Daniel plays Patient Zero, Wickingham Airfield England 1947 and Jummy which are all songs by Al’s band Circle A Enterprises.

News and Listener Roundtable:

Daniel talks about some rather strange news stories including the Illuminati’s new website, NASA covering up UFO’s and Alex Jones gaining white house press credentials.

Todd calls in and discusses the Sundance Film festival as well as Dubai then Sherry calls in to talk about the interview with Mary Rodwell.

Daniel finishes things off by talking about Gothams version of the Joker, Trump protesters as well as the direction of the show.


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Paul Marko | Adrenochrome, A.I., Gangstalking | EODRAD 12

Posted On Sunday, January 29th, 2017 By ninjashoes

This episode Daniel welcomes Paul Marko Ph.D. who has a show called World Beyond Belief that you can get in podcast form or on his youtube channel Pineconeutopia. He speaks on such matters as CERN, Luciferian/Satanism, False Flag events and The Matrix itself.

Daniel starts off by asking Paul about his past. Paul explains how he went from possibly being a principal at a school to being someone highly interested in freeing minds from the negative control grid. We then learn a little bit about the New Age movement. The discussion moves on to the issue of Pizzagate and the worldwide hidden network of pedophiles. Paul explains what happened with the Hamstead Satanic Pedophile cover up in England.

Paul then talks to Daniel about Andrenochrome which Daniel had thought for a long time, was a fake substance made up for a movie. Paul explains how it is very real indeed and can actually be an addicting substance to those within these hidden pedophile networks.

They also talk about CERN, The Jesuits, Artificial Intelligence, Sandy Hook and much more.


During the break Daniel plays Gojira and Symphony #3 II by Als band Circle A Enterprises.

News and Listener Roundtable:

Daniel comes back and explains the new format of the show which will be a completely open listener roundtable. He is joined by Todd, Al and eventually Sherry. They roundtable a bit about celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson and Prince.

Daniel closes by explaining how he has made his choice and will continue forward with these topics no matter what outside pressures he encounters.


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Michael Vandeven | Bellgab, Honest Radio, Paranormal | EODRAD 11

Posted On Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 By ninjashoes

This episode Daniel is joined by Michael Vandeven aka MV who is a radio personality as well as the owner and creator of, which has not only been the internet hub for everything Art Bell for many ages but has quickly become the internet hub of most paranormal radio and podcasting.

Daniel starts out by bringing up MV’s interview with Art Bell that happened shortly after Art left his internet radio show. Daniel comments on how MV was able to get so much raw emotion and honesty out of Art which prompts MV to talk about exactly what was going through his head at the time. They then move on to other topics such as what MV feels really makes a good broadcaster and how honesty is the key. MV talks about how he originally found Art Bell and then goes into depth about his own paranormal experiences including a very strange UFO encounter in the woods. He even shares with us that he has actually done his own EVP research and recorded real world results.

They then delve into the history of Bellgab, why and how it started and how at one point both Bell and Noory were having an argument in a Bellgab thread. MV is kind enough to share some of his secrets to running a popular forum community. He tells us the trick is to really just stay out of things.

We then learn about MV’s feelings towards George Noory which gives Daniel an opportunity to let everyone know he is an “Art Bell guy”. Daniel tells MV about how he felt when listening to Art Bell talk about losing his wife and then both guys discuss how emotional and real guys like Art Bell and Howard Stern are on radio.

Daniel then asks the question everyone wants to know, where did George Senda come from and if George Sendas behaviour is genuine and not an elaborate ruse which MV answers that he thought the same thing himself but Senda is indeed 100% real.

MV finishes by telling us how he feels about the gunshots fired on Art Bells property and how he feels about the entire situation.

During the break Daniel plays War to End All Wars pt.1 Remix and 30 Pieces of Silver by Al.

Paranormal News and Wrap Up:

Daniel then talks about several paranormal news stories including why the CIA is talking about UFO’s suddenly and the idea that “partial” disclosure is right around the corner for the End of Days. He then takes a call from Todd and eventually Al as the guys roundtable a bit about the 1960’s, telepathy and mind control. JFK Jr’s name comes up due to a telepathic message from Al and Daniel mentions how Hillary Clinton rose to power in New York shortly after the death of the young Kennedy.

Daniel closes the show with a very spirited rant about the current anti-Trump socialist agenda and how our forefathers did not create a socialist country.


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Robert Stanley | Luciferians, Sitchin, Possession | EODRAD 10

Posted On Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 By ninjashoes

In this very special End of Days Radio, Daniel is joined by Robert M. Stanley, who is an all around researcher into the Paranormal who goes very deep into the Luciferfian agenda as well as Archons, Demons, Aliens and more. He is the creator and owner of Unicus Magazine and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and many other Paranormal media outlets.

Daniel started off by asking Robert about his background, Robert talks about his roots and explains the darkness behind Malibu and how it isn’t all sunshine and waves. Robert goes on to explain the possessed boy who needed his help and how this led to him seeing Archonic creatures and eventually meeting up with Lucifer himself later on. Robert explains what exactly Lucifer is, what he wants and how he is in direct control of the Earth and its media. Daniel points out some things that correlate such as Masons talking to him about Lucifer and Father Malachi Martin’s past appearances on Coast to Coast.

Robert goes on to talk about the long history of UFO’s being seen in Washington D.C. and how no human could possibly stop them from doing what ever they want to do there since the Luciferian Alien Agenda is in full control.

Robert then explains how Zecharia Sitchin was actually funded by global interests and has been tasked with brainwashing humanity with an inverse truth. It turns out Enki is not the friend of humanity but is actually just another name for Lucifer who is the head of a large inter-galactic empire.

Daniel asks if porn can lower a persons vibration which prompts Robert to give a big yes and goes on to explain how we are in fact being manipulated into eventually having sex with machines. Daniel points out that it is happening already with Virtual Reality and Robert answers back that Daniel has no idea how long this has been going on and how bad it truly is.

During break Daniel plays Odins Chalice 3 by Al as part of Daniels plan to help underground artists get their music heard by his audience.

Wrap Up:

Daniel talks about Trumps decision to give a family member a top position then moves on to discuss a few paranormal news stories.

Daniel then explains about how he is a real truthseeker who is not trying to get famous or make money. He talks about how he has been accused of trying to become a standup comic and assures everyone that he has no desire to do that and is focused on paranormal matters only. He then talks about the evil of Seaworld before going into a strange monologue about The Incredible Hulk fighting Superman before ending the show with a huge shoutout to Bellgab.


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