Kofi | Gameboy Magnets, Stand Up Comedy, Politics | EODR 58

This episode we are joined by local standup comedian from Olympia Washington, Kofi who is not only a local comic but also a Bass Player with a very interesting story.

Daniel starts off by asking Kofi about what he has been up to and Kofi explains how he is in a little bit of a creative slump. This prompts Daniel to explore the often dark and depressing nature of Standup comedy which Kofi seems to believe stems from mostly Romantic BS.

Daniel asks Kofi about his past and we find out that Kofi’s family comes from Guana and they even sent him to live there for a year when he was a kid. Kofi sometimes still visits Guana and Daniel asks him about some of the differences between Guana and America.

They then get into a more serious discussion about Standup Comedy and then branch off into a political discussion where Kofi makes it clear that he is very against the Trump regime.


Daniel comes back after the break ready to rock. He talks way too long about Dragonball and takes a great call from Todd who talks about his motivations creating the new End of Days Radio Outro which premiers on this episode. Daniel reads some more angry fan mail and then teaches his listeners how to survive on the streets.


New Years Day Show 2018 | EODR 57

In this special New Day Episode, Daniel takes a break from business as usual and goes on air to lay out the plan for the year. Not just for the show but in life. Daniel explains how 2018 is going to be the greatest year for End of Days Radio yet. He goes over some recent world news reads some fan mail then gives his own New Years Resolution.