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Daniel, host and creator of End of Days Radio, has had paranormal experiences throughout his entire life. The most mind blowing being a full fledged up close UFO encounter in his late teens. Daniel has been obsessed with unraveling the mysteries of this reality ever since he saw the UFO. As a huge fan of radio legends such as Art Bell and Howard Stern, he created End of Days Radio as part of his mission here on earth to awaken his fellow man to the reality of the Paranormal world.

Join Daniel as he delves deep down the rabbit hole into the realms of Aliens, Conspiracy, Magick, Cryptids and much more!





Host of End of Days Radio.




3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great show!!! I am a subscriber to Red Ice (which is leading the way in terms of alternative media) and I have to mention this is a decent interview..Keep up the good work

  2. Hey man, first off I really enjoy this podcast, your guest selection is second to none and you seem to be genuine in a shrilly sea. I was listening to one of your episodes and you mentioned wanting a co-host, though you had a bad past experience and were reluctant. But I think it’s a good idea, as I was gonna start my own channel but I’m not overly tech savvy so it never took off. Anyway, if you are still interested in exploring this option, I’ve been into conspiracies for a long time and think we’d compliment each other nicely. Please email me if you
    Wanna chat! :)

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