Lleo Oneiro | The Trident and Two Bulls | EODR 180

From the depths below the undercurrents of the Nile, lightning struck Zug Island @ the stroke of midnight in the sub-distance before time, -369 Years ago came forth the essence, therefore the being, that one day before the year before Poseidon’s Trident rose from sea, entered End of Days Radio. Lleo Oneiro (O near o), student of the Invisible College, the teachings of Aurum Solis, studied under Ravi. Michael Laitman from Tel Aviv, since 2011 at kabbalah dot info. Cosmologer, Astronomer, Consultant, host of MSK MainStealKillaz, and OneiroReport dot com . . . “Welcome . . .”


Later Doctor Robert and Clint Aestwood join Daniel to ring in the news.


Chris Knowles | The Secret Sun Speaks the Truth | EODR 179

Chris Knowles is the author of Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes as well as many other books and publications specializing in comic books and Rock Music. He is a self proclaimed Sibyllist, Synchromystic and Spellbreaker. A well known guest on various podcasts and radio shows Chris joins the End of Days Radio crew for a fantastic interview.

Topics include Project Blue Beam, Princess Kate and the British Royals, aliens, Jesus Christ and much much more.


Daniel is then joined by Todd, Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, Jin the Ninja, Chad Warren and Geo as they round table the latest news.


Chad Warren | Networking Towards Gnosis | EODR 178

“My goal is to apply what I learn about how to be more independent and cooperative vs. a consumer slave as we are trained to be by a society run by psychopaths and sell outs. I live off grid and want to de-centralize away from dependence on corporate government & tech. Because the internet is a tool unleashed on the public by the military we need to recognize that if you think we should be independent that this makes you a terrorist according to the NSA.

I enjoy amusement parks, ballgames, retro video games, pinball, cinema and more but I am a defender of living in the way of Jesus Christ who was a Nazarene and not involved with any church managed by Rome. So if you want to be in the world but not of it with me as we prove we can outperform Google, Disney, and corporate government in managing our affairs won’t you co-operate with me in this effort to apply our philosophy so it changes how we live for the better.”


We are then joined by Todd, Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, Jin the Ninja and Geo.


Dave Petrella | Oak Island Knights Templars and Atlantis | EODR 177

Dave Petrella is an oak island researcher who delves into metaphysics. He has spent time traveling the world studying astrology. He likes learning about world religions and spiritual traditions as well as eastern medicine and the idea of life from other worlds. He joins us today to share his unique passions.


Later Daniel is joined by Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, and Jin the Ninja.