Dave Petrella | Oak Island Knights Templars and Atlantis | EODR 177

Dave Petrella is an oak island researcher who delves into metaphysics. He has spent time traveling the world studying astrology. He likes learning about world religions and spiritual traditions as well as eastern medicine and the idea of life from other worlds. He joins us today to share his unique passions.


Later Daniel is joined by Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, and Jin the Ninja.


Robby Marx | Nimrod the Son of Kush | EODR 176

Robert Marx currently resides in Freedom, New Hampshire in the Mount Washington Valley with his wife. Robert is a watercolor painter, illustrator, printmaker, researcher and author.

He has a degree in printmaking and drawing with masters work in illuminated manuscripts. He specializes in producing artistic designs and logos for bands and events, businesses and merchandise. He donates his talent to local and national non-prophet organizations focusing on hunger relief, youth empowerment, and accessibility rights. His professional portfolio spans more than three decades including names such as Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead.


We are joined in this episode by Doctor Robert, Jin the Ninja, Clint Aestwood, Logan the Psychic Vampire, Mr. Dugan and Wesley Curry 2nd.


Troublemaker Jonah | The Bloody Path of the Hittites | EODR 175

Troublemaker Jonah joins us on this very special late night episode. We discuss Janus, the double headed Eagle/Phoenix, the banker cabal running through hattusa and hittites. Sen Joseph McCarthy a true American hero and OKC/Waco/patcon.


We are joined by Todd, Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, Jin the Ninja, Raven and Alexandrous Filth.


Steve BG Cast | Healing Through Organic Technology | EODR 174

BG cast: had his awakening in 2008, and since then has dedicated his life to his spiritual path, the pursuit of truth, and understanding the underlying occult construct of reality. He currently is learning how to uncover the lost technology of the ancients, as well as healing the human body through means of this organic tech.

BG Cast(Steve) joins Daniel, Clint Aestwood, Doctor Robert, Jin the Ninja, General Lee and Logan the Psychic Vampire in one of the most mind blowing discussions of all time featuring topics as Psychedelics, humanities true origin point and Lost Civilizations.