Rowan | A Modern Day Leonardo da Vinci | EODR 155

A long time friend of Daniel joins us for a very special End of Days Radio. Hailing from Australia, Rowan takes us on a journey into the fundamentals of Karma and how it works within this illusionairy Matrix we are part of. Rowan heroically takes on every topic introduced by our panel which includes Clint Aestwood, Dr. Robert, Todd the Bod, Mad Max/Al and Grub.

They discuss everything from psychedelics to Luciferianism.


Diego Bosch | The Rothschild Illuminati Ball of 1972 | EODR 154

In the year of our lord 1972, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild decided to throw an Illuminati Ball at a huge Satanic looking mansion. Audrey Hepburn was one of the star guests wearing a bird cage on her head.

Diego Bosch is a historian looking into this weird event that took included the legendary surrealist Salvador Dalí. He is studying the concept of a New World Order. He joins us today to discuss the party. Together we begin picking apart the symbology of the Illuminati using advanced occult knowledge.


General Lee and Lux | The Advent of a Subconscious Rising | EODR 152

We are joined by friends of the show Lee and Lux. General Lee who is famous for his hit podcast Subconscious Realms is teaming up with Lux from The Occult Rejects, a show he will no longer be affiliated with. Lux was once a member of the secret society known as The Golden Dawn.

We are also joined by Sherry aka Bella, Dr. Robert, Logan, Al and Clint Aestwood who help us put on one heck of a panel. General Lee makes a very important announcement that he is getting married, to an American girl who will also be joining him as co-host of Subconcious Realms.



Gary Wayne | Dawn of the Dragon Messiah | EODR 151

Good news is here for once again End of Days Radio welcomes fan favorite Gary Wayne to the show. Gary is author of ‘The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Mankind’ and is coming on to promote his part 2 to the hit book. Gary originally never planned to write a sequel but due to demand from all the Annunaki interested folk out there, he decided to do it!

We are also joined by friends of the show Dr. Robert and Todd the Bod.