Predada Severa | Illuminati Secrets, Mermaid Armies, Lucifer, Racism | EODR 104

Predada Severa is a rapper and leader of many secret groups and organizations. He is a full fledged member of the Illuminati. His knowledge base is like nothing seen or heard before on End of Days Radio. Starting with ancient times, Daniel interviews Predada and they go into a very deep discussion about God/The Devil, racism, occult organizations and much more! Listen closely for this interview is packed with nearly four hours of mind blowing content.



Zion the Prophet | Good and Evil, Division of Society, Illuminati Rap Game | 103

Zion the Rapper, an upcoming musical artist and spiritualist joins Daniel for a very different voyage this time. Daniel actually met Zion when he was having a spiritual experience and feels their is synchronicity at play.

Zion talks about his LSD trip which opened his third eye and allowed him to read between the lines and see what is actually going on in the world. He was able to see how God and The Devil are actually working together when you look at the big picture. The trip showed him that there is more at play at life than he ever imagined and his life path is taking him in a possibly “Illuminated” direction.


Daniel comes back from break and rants about the false division between the right and the left.


Dave Sarra | Protests, Worldstage, Manufactured Drama, Manipulation | EODR 102

This episode we are joined by Dave Sarra who is a stand up comic and podcaster. He joins Daniel to interview Max who is a Seattle protester. The guys ask Max all kinds of questions relating to the protests and the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. We learn that Max has stayed safe by being calm and collected. This has allowed him to be on all sides of the drama both left and right. He is known for walking around with a flag waving it proudly in support of patriotism.

After Max is done the guys shoot the sh$t for awhile talking about everything under the sun. They discuss famous people and why it is getting harder and harder to be a famous person with all the cancel culture going on. Dave brings up some really cool information that Daniel doesn’t know.

Daniel winds things up by taking a heartfelt call from Todd.


Masato | Coronavirus End of Days Special Report | EODR 101

This episodes we are joined once again by Masato, who is here to discuss the crazy events that have been going down. The guys discuss how the Coronavirus started, what China’s role was, the links to 5G and everything else Corona related under the sun. They discuss the Mark of the Beast and how we might be able to say no when the time comes. Daniel tells Masato about what he has been learning about the South China Sea and the possibility of World War 3.

After the main discussion we get calls from Todd, Al and new caller Don.


CMurph | Basque People, RH Negative Bloodlines, Tartarian Empire, Reptilians | EODR 100

We are joined once again by CMurph who you might remember was a boxer from Chicago originally who now resides in New York and is stalked by weird black shapeshifting craft.

He joins us today to talk about hidden history of the Basque people who have been hunted down to a very small minority. Not only that but their entire history has been erased by the controllers who reset our civilization from time to time to keep us all in check.

We learn that the Basque were RH- and that bloodlines play a very strong role in the actions of the Illuminati. CMurph talks about how the Native Americans, or at least certain groups actually are closely related to some Europeans and likely arrived form Atlantis. He goes back as far as prehistory with the theory that this is an ancient war between Neanderthals and Cro Magnon

CMurph and Daniel finish things off by discussing the Reptilians and what sort of agenda they might have.