Suki | Spiritual Awakening, Universal Body, Higher Consciousness | EODR 124

Suki | Spiritual Awakening, Universal Body, Higher Consciousness | EODR 124

Suki is an artist, performer and entrepreneur from Germany. Having roots in Indonesia, and having spent years of her life in Bali, she finds it interesting to see the differences between a mostly atheistic western culture and a more traditional place like Indonesia where religion and spirituality is a very important aspect of life.

She has done and seen many things- too much to fit in a bio. But adding her recently spiritual experiences and awakening, she has some things to talk about!

@sukiinthesky Twitter
suki.skyy Instagram

After the break Daniel comes back. He hears from Todd and Al as well as first time callers KG and Joe Dirt.


Chaz of the Dead | Bee UFO Theory, Entities on the Brink of Consciousness | EODR 123

On this very special episode Daniel is joined by Chaz of the Dead who is a very well rounded paranormal explorer and world traveler. Chaz talks to Daniel about how his paranormal journey began and where it initially took him. Chaz gives us some insight into how UFO’s might actually work by sharing one of the craziest, and actually most plausible explanations that Daniel has ever heard. They get into Hallow Earth, Bigfoot, Psychedelics, Aliens and much much more.

Show comes back from break and things get wild. Daniel is joined by Todd and Al.


Rebuttal to Gregory, Elisa Saga Concluded, Supreme Court | EODR 122

In this very special episode of End of Days Radio, Daniel has quite a bit to say. He gets into the current news going around especially the news about the supreme court and mandates as well as Ireland ending all restrictions.

Then Daniel finally responds to the hateful video made about him by Gregory Lessing Garrett. Daniel decides to take the high road and give everyone his side of the story about the events leading up to Greg making that horrendous video.

Then Daniel finally fleshes out the Elisa Jordana saga, explaining how exactly things went wrong with the former Howard Stern show writer and how he offered to become Elisa’s producer.


Josh Monday | The Bible, Satanic Rap Influence, End Times Prophecy | EODR 121

Daniel is joined by none other than Josh Monday. A hot rap artist with a rare Christian style. Josh talks about his story of finding God and what he thinks of rap artists today. They get into the bible especially prophecies related to the last days.

Josh Monday

Daniel comes back from break and roundtables about many recent fringe topics. He is joined this time by Al, Logan and Sherry.