V | Targeted Individuals, Bully Cops, Project Blue Beam | EODR 31

V is from the Red Pill Hardcore radio show and decided to leave the country due to hack attempts, gangstalking and a general disgust of current policies going on in the United States.

Daniel begins by asking V how he got into all of this. V explains that around four years ago the police state began harassing him and it had much to do with research he was doing in finding out who holds the power in the Illuminati. He talks about being harassed physically, having his computer hacked constantly and even receiving direct messages which were trying to urge him to commit atrocities that you see being committed on the news every day.

V talks quite a bit about the control structure including who actually makes up this Illuminati and specifically what types of individuals end up becoming part of these gangstalking groups. V explains that this could be a demonic or alien issue however it is hard to tell considering the technology these people have which can fake things like hauntings and UFO sightings. Daniel and V talk about much much more in this exciting collaboration with The Red Pill Hardcore.


Wrap Up:

Daniel then comes back from break, rants about offending certain groups and talks about why he would like to interview himself one day. He reads some fan mail and discusses Trump vs. Depp as well.


Eve Lorgen | Toxic Alien Vampirism | EODR 30

Eve Lorgen is a UFO abduction researcher and author who has spent her life investigating cases of Alien manipulation through romantic and extremely toxic relationships.

Eve outlines the basic premise of these interactions. Daniel asks her what alien group is the most responsible and if its the Reptilians. Eve talks quite a bit about Reptilians and mentions that many shapeshifting cases we witness are actually cases of parasite invasion.

She talks about Milabs and the links between black ops government programs and these fourth dimensional alien experiences. Daniel asks about the Royal family and Eve explains that these aliens stick very closely to power and not only that but they created the actual power structures themselves.



During the break Daniel plays some Kittenhead.

Ready to Roll


After the Break Daniel comes back and apologizes for some comments he made last episode about “Hippie Chicks” which created a bit of heat with at least one listener.

Daniel then talks about the heartbreaking Otto Warmbier situation and pleads for the international community to take North Korea more seriously.

Some fan mail is read at the end.


David Charles Plate | A Synchronistic Conspiracy | EODR 29

David Charles Plate is a Synchronicity movie Maker, Artist, and an expert in Hebrew Kabbalah. He has been studying the Zohar for a long time now and also has a very healthy interest in the Occult.

Daniel starts off by asking David a little about his background and how he got into occult related things. David explains that he has always had a leaning towards these things and at some point developed a very strong interest in kabbalah. David explains how real real kabbalah is much different from the trendy form of kabbalah practiced by celebrities like Madonna.

David talks about the famous Pink Floyd-Wizard of Oz connection where you play the record at the same time as the movie. He explains that this is only the tip of the iceberg when you really look into how many movies will synchronistically match up content with music albums by various artists.

David talks about Crowley, The Beatles, MK Ultra, Charles Manson and does a very interesting talk about 9-11 and the crazy amounts of synchronicity and conspiracy surrounding the event. Daniel and David talk about much much more, this short paragraph cannot encapsulate this amazing over two hour long mind blowing interview and journey into the fringe.

David’s Video’s and Art
Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood: EVERYTHING PREDICTS 9-11

Before the break, as part of the ongoing music promotion program that Daniel announced many months ago, he introduces the newest of his promotional partners, a hot band coming out of California called Kittenhead that has a female lead singer and a lot of charm. During the break Daniel plays 3 of their songs: Dreamland, Derby Girl and Tin Man.


After the break Daniel lights up the mic as per usual with news, fan mail and a call from Todd the Bod. He then gets super serious with North Korea and turns down a blind date.


Billy Brujo | Sorcery, Knives and Love Potions | EODR 28

Billy Brujo is a world class Magician, Sorcerer and Witch Doctor who specializes in high class fortune telling and spell crafting. He is a teacher of all things magick and occultish.

Billy talks about his background a bit as a student of production which led him into creating a very unique youtube show that gives easy to understand and realistic instruction in magick related matters such as preparing ingredients you need for spells. Daniel asks Billy about his rather unique makeup that he wears in his videos.

Billy then explains one of his favourite shows he has done which explains the magicians four weapons, Billy goes very in depth and helps us understand why a magician would use a wand, a knife and so on. Daniel asks about Billy’s spiritual beliefs as well as many other questions related to magick and the occult.


After the break Daniel comes back and reads some fan letters before getting a call from Wolfman Mike. They talk about flat earth a bit which leads to a somewhat heated and confusing debate which ends in talk about the sun being conscious. Another caller named Willy calls in to challenge Wolfman and Daniel about their fringe beliefs.

Daniel also discusses a few other topics including the Bachelor in Paradise cancellation scandal. Todd calls in at the very end to discuss a few magick related topics.


Andrieh Vitimus | Shapeshifting, Demons and Chaos Magick | EODR 27

Andrieh Vitimus is a Magician with many years of Occult study under his belt, he is a philosopher and author of Hands on Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation.

Daniel starts off asking Andrieh about his past. We learn that Andrieh was actually compelled to become a master occultist by demonic beings who had a positive intention in this case. He then talks quite a bit about the nature of demons and his experiences dealing with them in possession cases and even summoning them. Daniel asks about how someone new to the occult should approach summoning and chaos magick.

Andrieh explains the roots of chaos magick as well as the principals behind it. He goes on to explain many other topics such as shapeshifting, Voodoo, Jewish mysticism, meditation, telepathy, money through magick and how to defend against curses. There is much much more contained in this two hour long interview which is an A to Z on Magick and the Occult to continue magick month on End of Days Radio.


Daniel comes back from break. Talks about a minor change to the show then launches into some talk about Sandy Hook. He then reads some news, fan letters and takes a call from Todd the Bod.