Jin the Ninja | Walking the Middle Path | EODR 167

“A dissident tantrayanist (practitioner of diamond-thunder Buddhism), semi-retired sorcerer, who alongside General Lee presented a groundbreaking+ seminal 11-part comparative theology series of The Mahavidys a syncretic grouping of 10 wisdom “goddesses” from Nepal with the Hebrew Kabbalah Tree of Life. Tries his Best to follow the middle path, breaker of the dialectic and host of the Threshold Saints Podcast.”

Jin the Ninja joins Daniel to tell the story of his spiritual journey starting with finding The Monkey King. They get into everything from A to Dragonball Z. We then get a great panel going with Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, Todd the Bod, George and Al aka Martian Mad Man who join Jin and Daniel

After the Break we debut Doctor Roberts new segment..yet to be named.



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