Chad Warren | Networking Towards Gnosis | EODR 178

“My goal is to apply what I learn about how to be more independent and cooperative vs. a consumer slave as we are trained to be by a society run by psychopaths and sell outs. I live off grid and want to de-centralize away from dependence on corporate government & tech. Because the internet is a tool unleashed on the public by the military we need to recognize that if you think we should be independent that this makes you a terrorist according to the NSA.

I enjoy amusement parks, ballgames, retro video games, pinball, cinema and more but I am a defender of living in the way of Jesus Christ who was a Nazarene and not involved with any church managed by Rome. So if you want to be in the world but not of it with me as we prove we can outperform Google, Disney, and corporate government in managing our affairs won’t you co-operate with me in this effort to apply our philosophy so it changes how we live for the better.”

We are then joined by Todd, Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, Jin the Ninja and Geo.


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