CMurph | Basque People, RH Negative Bloodlines, Tartarian Empire, Reptilians | EODR 100

We are joined once again by CMurph who you might remember was a boxer from Chicago originally who now resides in New York and is stalked by weird black shapeshifting craft.

He joins us today to talk about hidden history of the Basque people who have been hunted down to a very small minority. Not only that but their entire history has been erased by the controllers who reset our civilization from time to time to keep us all in check.

We learn that the Basque were RH- and that bloodlines play a very strong role in the actions of the Illuminati. CMurph talks about how the Native Americans, or at least certain groups actually are closely related to some Europeans and likely arrived form Atlantis. He goes back as far as prehistory with the theory that this is an ancient war between Neanderthals and Cro Magnon

CMurph and Daniel finish things off by discussing the Reptilians and what sort of agenda they might have.



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