EODRAD 2 – Connie Willis | Radio, Remote Viewing, Supersoldiers

Daniel starts off ranting about all kinds of things such as Japanese food and the truth behind Atlantean civilization.

He is then joined by Connie Willis who is a part time host of Coast to Coast AM. She is also the host of her own exciting emerging program Blue Rock Talk. Connie talks to us about her beginnings in radio as well as what exactly got her started. We learn of the haunted house she grew up in and talk a bit about the afterlife which Connie strongly believes in. We then get into some deeper discussion as Connie gives her take on several topics from A to Z including Hybrid children, negative aliens, Travis Walton, remote viewing, super soldiers, mantis aliens and the concept of the pineal gland being suppressed by negative forces.

Connie then turns the tables on Daniel and gets him to open up about a very personal experience he had years ago in the jungles of south America. They chat for a bit about Bigfoot throughout this program as well. It is a truly exciting and interesting interview from start to finish as both host and guest sit back and have a real conversation about how to turn heads while trying to promote a paranormal talk radio show.

We then come back from break and Daniel talks about a handful of relevant topics. He then gives a very special shout out to Bellgab before explaining what his favourite paranormal topic is. Todd calls in as well and hilarity ensues.



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