David Charles Plate | A Synchronistic Conspiracy | EODR 29

David Charles Plate is a Synchronicity movie Maker, Artist, and an expert in Hebrew Kabbalah. He has been studying the Zohar for a long time now and also has a very healthy interest in the Occult.

Daniel starts off by asking David a little about his background and how he got into occult related things. David explains that he has always had a leaning towards these things and at some point developed a very strong interest in kabbalah. David explains how real real kabbalah is much different from the trendy form of kabbalah practiced by celebrities like Madonna.

David talks about the famous Pink Floyd-Wizard of Oz connection where you play the record at the same time as the movie. He explains that this is only the tip of the iceberg when you really look into how many movies will synchronistically match up content with music albums by various artists.

David talks about Crowley, The Beatles, MK Ultra, Charles Manson and does a very interesting talk about 9-11 and the crazy amounts of synchronicity and conspiracy surrounding the event. Daniel and David talk about much much more, this short paragraph cannot encapsulate this amazing over two hour long mind blowing interview and journey into the fringe.

David’s Video’s and Art
Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood: EVERYTHING PREDICTS 9-11

Before the break, as part of the ongoing music promotion program that Daniel announced many months ago, he introduces the newest of his promotional partners, a hot band coming out of California called Kittenhead that has a female lead singer and a lot of charm. During the break Daniel plays 3 of their songs: Dreamland, Derby Girl and Tin Man.


After the break Daniel lights up the mic as per usual with news, fan mail and a call from Todd the Bod. He then gets super serious with North Korea and turns down a blind date.


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