Lleo Oneiro | The Trident and Two Bulls | EODR 180

From the depths below the undercurrents of the Nile, lightning struck Zug Island @ the stroke of midnight in the sub-distance before time, -369 Years ago came forth the essence, therefore the being, that one day before the year before Poseidon’s Trident rose from sea, entered End of Days Radio. Lleo Oneiro (O near o), student of the Invisible College, the teachings of Aurum Solis, studied under Ravi. Michael Laitman from Tel Aviv, since 2011 at kabbalah dot info. Cosmologer, Astronomer, Consultant, host of MSK MainStealKillaz, and OneiroReport dot com . . . “Welcome . . .”


Later Doctor Robert and Clint Aestwood join Daniel to ring in the news.


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