Mandate33 | Occult and on Location | EODR 44

Bill and Kyle have created a very original documentary style show that focuses on mysterious, paranormal and occult topics. The mandate33 youtube channel just may be the new hottest thing in paranormal/conspiracy.

On this episode Bill joins Daniel to discuss the channels rise in popularity. They begin by discussing Bill’s past and how him and Kyle kind of randomly started the project just by going on a road trip. This gradually led to them visiting more and more locations related to Occult, UFO’s and Conspiracy. Some of the their best work has been covering characters and locations like Jack Parsons, Mount Shasta, H.P. Lovecraft and much more.

Daniel asks Bill about his thoughts on aliens, a global conspiracy and where they plan to go next before requesting to one day join the guys on one of their road trips.

Daniel comes back from break and does the mind blowing moment of the day after reading some hate mail.


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