Adam Kokesh | A World Without Government | EODR 52

Adam Charles Kokesh is an American activist. Identifying as a libertarian, Kokesh has called for a “new American revolution” and has announced plans to run for President in 2020 on the platform of an “orderly dissolution of the federal government”.

Daniel begins by thanking Adam and his team for holding onto his information for so long and contacting him to come on the show. They then get into Adams past as a soldier who somehow in the heat of all he was experiencing, awakened to the injustice of the system we all exist inside and decided to devote his life to Freedom for all peoples.

Daniel asks if Military people are “brainwashed” which Adam has an outstanding answer for. They get into some heavy issues such as how schooling could be handled differently, mass shootings and their effect on our liberties and how one might bring others to the Libertarian cause.

Daniel then asks Adam about the time he spend in jail as a political prisoner before imparting some major wisdom on those who wish to follow a similar path.

Daniel comes back from break pumped to talk about Corey Feldman, silver spoon rich kids, meeting a reality star from the Bachelor and the criticism he received from the last episode.


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