Gary Parker | The Glorious Return of Abba | EODR 51

Gary Parker found something amazing within a NASA photograph of the Great Pyramid and Egypt. He actually found writing laid out across the ruined city of Egypt. This writing prophesied the return of god.

Gary begins by talking about his background and how he stumbled upon this amazing discovery. He was an attempted film writer who first found the mysterious ancient writing in the NASA images and then had an amazing vision where he was confronted by not only Angels but god himself also known as Abba.

Abba is coming back in the year 2022 and plans to land in Israel and give all the wealth and technology to Israel which will then share it with the rest of the world. Before the end of the interview Daniel invites Gary back to join the show on the actual date so him and Gary can watch Abbas ship land together.

Daniel returns from break ready to feast on the worlds madness. He begins by reading a letter form a listener who is sick to death of Daniels right wing politics. He then moves on to talking about the recent Megaledon sightings and videos on youtube.

Daniel talks about being inspired by Billy Corgan and how Corgan recently admitted to running into a shapeshifter during his life which Daniel applauds. Daniel explains how he loves Halloween and hates skeptics.


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  1. Your wonderful discovery ought to be shared and even if I didn’t get to see the map myself because I am computer illiterate and depend very much on others’ info and sharing, I trust this is the culmination of my search on the most convincing proof so far aside from ISN of Sid Roth and the apparitions of Mary, mother of Jesus of which I am most faithful follower and practitioner of daily rosaries. Should I stop believing in the miracles of Medjogorje and eucharistic miracles? What do you say, Sir Gary?Thank you very much and may Abba be pleased with you all times.

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