Asbjorn Torvol | Norse Magick, Odin, Thor, 9 Worlds, Summoning Loki and Lucifer | EODR 46

Asbjörn Torvǫl is a Norse Vitki (Norse Sorcerer/Shaman) and loyal follower of the Asatru Faith. As well as this he is a magician of many traditions. He is a magickal scientist, taking from every tradition that has something to offer in the goal of refinement and ascent.

Daniel begins by asking Asbjorn about how he became interested in magick. We learn that he was brought up religious/spiritual and always had some magickal leaning as long as he can remember.

They then begin discussing Norse magick and what is unique about it. Asbjorn comments that really norse Magick is not that different than any other type of magick, it is the symbology which is actually different. Daniel asks about Loki, Odin, Thor, Freja and even the Giants and the Nine Worlds.

They then move on to discuss other Magick related topics such as Illuminati, Crowley, curses, love spells, summoning, Lucifer, Satanism and much more.

Daniel comes back from break and reads some fan mail. He talks about the KGB agent that has been in the news regarding JFK’s death and begins ranting about how most people actually believe in UFO’s/Conspiracy and he can easily pull up the stats to prove it. Daniel then makes a bold move as he challenges a member of the Reptilian species to meet him in unarmed combat with the fate of humanity at stake.


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