John L. Steadman | Lovecraft Magick System, Horror Influences, Conspiracy, Dr. Strange | EODR 47

John L. Steadman is a scholar of both H. P. Lovecraft and western occultism and has been a magickal practitioner for over thirty years, working with various covens and small groups of initiates.

Daniel begins by asking John how he got into Magick and Lovecraft. We find out more about John then launch into a conversation about how much Lovecraft has influenced modern horror. Names such as Stephen King are brought up and comparisons are made between human centric creations and those that Lovecraft wrote about which defy human understanding.

Daniel asks John about the reality of Cthulhu. John goes on to explain that these entities are most likely related to our own consciousness but says it is entirely possible that they could be real external beings from a hidden dimension.

They finish things by discussing Johns personal paranormal experiences and how his magick system based around Lovecraft actually works.

Daniel comes back from break with some words of encouragement for the upstarts out there. He reads a fan letter and also comments on Alex Jones visiting his home city, making fake coffee assault videos and how Daniel would love to talk to him face to face.


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