Mark Sargent | Vengeance of Flat Earth | EODR 32

Mark Grew up on South Whidbey Island, Washington(close to my home), He is s former professional gamer.. In 2014, Mark decided to actually look into “Flat Earth Theory”, and after much painstaking time learning, He found that the earth is actually flat. In 2015, he released a series of youtube videos titled “Flat Earth Clues” that explains how we very well might be living in some kind of enclosed earth system.

Daniel begins by asking Mark about how he got into Flat Earth. Daniel then begins asking questions about Space and things like the Moon landing beings a hoax. They then get into more hard science talk as they discuss the earths curvature, Antarctic Ice Walls, the dome, Admiral Byrd, what the moon is and much more.

This is the quintessential flat earth discussion as Daniel and Mark delve deep into Flast Earth theory as Daniel pushes the hard questions and Mark answers them well on point.

After the Break Daniel comes back and talks about the amazing new intro that was recently designed for the show. He talks a bit about Kenny King calling a guy a Reptilian on the Bachelorette and then finishes complaining about McDonalds screwing up his orders all the time.

During the break Daniel plays:
Flat Earth Head by Wolfman Mike
War To End All Wars Pt.1 (remix) by Circle A Enterprises
Cold day in Hell by Circle A Enterprises


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