V | Targeted Individuals, Bully Cops, Project Blue Beam | EODR 31

V is from the Red Pill Hardcore radio show and decided to leave the country due to hack attempts, gangstalking and a general disgust of current policies going on in the United States.

Daniel begins by asking V how he got into all of this. V explains that around four years ago the police state began harassing him and it had much to do with research he was doing in finding out who holds the power in the Illuminati. He talks about being harassed physically, having his computer hacked constantly and even receiving direct messages which were trying to urge him to commit atrocities that you see being committed on the news every day.

V talks quite a bit about the control structure including who actually makes up this Illuminati and specifically what types of individuals end up becoming part of these gangstalking groups. V explains that this could be a demonic or alien issue however it is hard to tell considering the technology these people have which can fake things like hauntings and UFO sightings. Daniel and V talk about much much more in this exciting collaboration with The Red Pill Hardcore.


Wrap Up:

Daniel then comes back from break, rants about offending certain groups and talks about why he would like to interview himself one day. He reads some fan mail and discusses Trump vs. Depp as well.


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