Matt Landman | Chemtrails, Flat Earth, Las Vegas False Flag | EODR 49

Matt Landman, activist and filmmaker, creator of Actual Chemtrail Activists and the world’s first two Global Chemtrail Summit’s in 2015 and 2016 in British Columbia and Oregon, has created a spectacular new 80 minute anti geo-engineering film which is sure to stir the hearts and minds of many. This movie is an unflinching historical voyage of man’s attempt to battle and control the atmospheric domain. Through the unlimited resources of the mammoth military industrial complex, coupled with a controlled and parroted media, this film demonstrates we face the most daunting and dangerous cover up of our time. This film is called Frankenskies.

Daniel begins by asking Matt about his past growing up. Matt tells the story of his childhood and how he discovered geo-engineering. Daniel asks many questions about chemtrails such as the difference between Chemtrails and Contrails, what sort of planes are being used and if Matt has tried the red wine test. Matt goes on to explain how HAARP is involved in manipulating our atmosphere.

They then get into other related topics such as flat earth, false flags and how our consciousness is actually being manipulated and suppressed by indoctrination since birth.

Daniel then asks Matt to talk about the possibility of the Las Vegas shooting being a false flag…suddenly Daniels electricity is taken out and the interview is cut short as Daniel scrambles to figure out what went wrong.

Daniel comes back from break a little shaken up as he suspects that the show was once again interfered with by external forces. Daniel goes on to explain how impossible it is for his show to be taken out by weather when in fact he was/is doing a show on weather manipulation. Daniel explains how nothing will ever stop him from broadcasting and how death will only make him stronger. He then begins ranting about gun control and liberals like he always does, which he does quite well.


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