Todd Miller | Psyops, Lovecraft, Crowley, Coven, Magic Shop | EODR 50

Todd Miller is an occultist, artist, magician, musician, singer, former magic store owner and former radio host who is also a longtime fan and caller of End of Days Radio.

Todd and Daniel have been discussing Todd’s past in secret for a long time now and it is finally time to reveal it all to the world.

Todd begins by telling his story from the beginning, growing up as a Mormon. Todd explains how his life got messy real quick later on when he met his ex wife and began working at a radio station which was one of the first to start interviewing people like William Cooper, this caused quite a bit of heat with “the powers that be” as the radio station came under attack and Todd was forced out of the business due to threats against his life.

Todd then begins to tell the next part of his story, when he began to explore the world of magic.

Daniel and Todd get into talking about the Bavarian Illuminati, Artificial Intelligence, Chaos Magick, Lovecraft, Crowley, Flat Earth, Mind Control, Coven, Black Sabbath and much more.


Daniel comes back from break to speak with Todd a bit more. They talk about the future before Todd and Daniel part ways. Daniel then reads some very interesting fan mail, responds to someone doubting the attack on the last show and gives his thoughts on dating apps. Daniel explains his disgust with a Texas school district reintroducing corporal punishment in 2017.


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