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This episode Daniel is joined by Michael Vandeven aka MV who is a radio personality as well as the owner and creator of Bellgab.com, which has not only been the internet hub for everything Art Bell for many ages but has quickly become the internet hub of most paranormal radio and podcasting.

Daniel starts out by bringing up MV’s interview with Art Bell that happened shortly after Art left his internet radio show. Daniel comments on how MV was able to get so much raw emotion and honesty out of Art which prompts MV to talk about exactly what was going through his head at the time. They then move on to other topics such as what MV feels really makes a good broadcaster and how honesty is the key. MV talks about how he originally found Art Bell and then goes into depth about his own paranormal experiences including a very strange UFO encounter in the woods. He even shares with us that he has actually done his own EVP research and recorded real world results.

They then delve into the history of Bellgab, why and how it started and how at one point both Bell and Noory were having an argument in a Bellgab thread. MV is kind enough to share some of his secrets to running a popular forum community. He tells us the trick is to really just stay out of things.

We then learn about MV’s feelings towards George Noory which gives Daniel an opportunity to let everyone know he is an “Art Bell guy”. Daniel tells MV about how he felt when listening to Art Bell talk about losing his wife and then both guys discuss how emotional and real guys like Art Bell and Howard Stern are on radio.

Daniel then asks the question everyone wants to know, where did George Senda come from and if George Sendas behaviour is genuine and not an elaborate ruse which MV answers that he thought the same thing himself but Senda is indeed 100% real.

MV finishes by telling us how he feels about the gunshots fired on Art Bells property and how he feels about the entire situation.


During the break Daniel plays War to End All Wars pt.1 Remix and 30 Pieces of Silver by Al.

Paranormal News and Wrap Up:

Daniel then talks about several paranormal news stories including why the CIA is talking about UFO’s suddenly and the idea that “partial” disclosure is right around the corner for the End of Days. He then takes a call from Todd and eventually Al as the guys roundtable a bit about the 1960’s, telepathy and mind control. JFK Jr’s name comes up due to a telepathic message from Al and Daniel mentions how Hillary Clinton rose to power in New York shortly after the death of the young Kennedy.

Daniel closes the show with a very spirited rant about the current anti-Trump socialist agenda and how our forefathers did not create a socialist country.


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