Paul Marko | Adrenochrome, A.I., Gangstalking | EODRAD 12

This episode Daniel welcomes Paul Marko Ph.D. who has a show called World Beyond Belief that you can get in podcast form or on his youtube channel Pineconeutopia. He speaks on such matters as CERN, Luciferian/Satanism, False Flag events and The Matrix itself.

Daniel starts off by asking Paul about his past. Paul explains how he went from possibly being a principal at a school to being someone highly interested in freeing minds from the negative control grid. We then learn a little bit about the New Age movement. The discussion moves on to the issue of Pizzagate and the worldwide hidden network of pedophiles. Paul explains what happened with the Hamstead Satanic Pedophile cover up in England.

Paul then talks to Daniel about Andrenochrome which Daniel had thought for a long time, was a fake substance made up for a movie. Paul explains how it is very real indeed and can actually be an addicting substance to those within these hidden pedophile networks.

They also talk about CERN, The Jesuits, Artificial Intelligence, Sandy Hook and much more.


During the break Daniel plays Gojira and Symphony #3 II by Als band Circle A Enterprises.

News and Listener Roundtable:

Daniel comes back and explains the new format of the show which will be a completely open listener roundtable. He is joined by Todd, Al and eventually Sherry. They roundtable a bit about celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson and Prince.

Daniel closes by explaining how he has made his choice and will continue forward with these topics no matter what outside pressures he encounters.


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