Richard Bruce | Reptilian Shapeshifting plus Gangstalking | EODRAD 23

Richard Bruce is a Reptilian researcher and truthseeker who has become a victim of gangstalking and is here to expose these aliens for what they are.

Daniel begins by asking Richard about his background and what led him up to the events of discovering shapeshifting taking place in modern mainstream movies.

This leads into the discussion regarding Richards assassination attempts and gangstalking events that have reached some insane levels and are being documented on Richards Youtube Channel.

Richard reveals that these human eating Reptilian aliens are out for blood literally. Enjoy a quest into the disturbing realm of Reptilians and gangstalking.

After the break Daniel talks about Requiem for a Dreams strange scene at the end with Jennifer Connelly. He gets into some haters emails as well as explains that this is Magick Lizard month on End of Days Radio.


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