Billy Brujo | Sorcery, Knives and Love Potions | EODR 28

Billy Brujo is a world class Magician, Sorcerer and Witch Doctor who specializes in high class fortune telling and spell crafting. He is a teacher of all things magick and occultish.

Billy talks about his background a bit as a student of production which led him into creating a very unique youtube show that gives easy to understand and realistic instruction in magick related matters such as preparing ingredients you need for spells. Daniel asks Billy about his rather unique makeup that he wears in his videos.

Billy then explains one of his favourite shows he has done which explains the magicians four weapons, Billy goes very in depth and helps us understand why a magician would use a wand, a knife and so on. Daniel asks about Billy’s spiritual beliefs as well as many other questions related to magick and the occult.

After the break Daniel comes back and reads some fan letters before getting a call from Wolfman Mike. They talk about flat earth a bit which leads to a somewhat heated and confusing debate which ends in talk about the sun being conscious. Another caller named Willy calls in to challenge Wolfman and Daniel about their fringe beliefs.

Daniel also discusses a few other topics including the Bachelor in Paradise cancellation scandal. Todd calls in at the very end to discuss a few magick related topics.


Andrieh Vitimus | Shapeshifting, Demons and Chaos Magick | EODR 27

Andrieh Vitimus is a Magician with many years of Occult study under his belt, he is a philosopher and author of Hands on Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation.

Daniel starts off asking Andrieh about his past. We learn that Andrieh was actually compelled to become a master occultist by demonic beings who had a positive intention in this case. He then talks quite a bit about the nature of demons and his experiences dealing with them in possession cases and even summoning them. Daniel asks about how someone new to the occult should approach summoning and chaos magick.

Andrieh explains the roots of chaos magick as well as the principals behind it. He goes on to explain many other topics such as shapeshifting, Voodoo, Jewish mysticism, meditation, telepathy, money through magick and how to defend against curses. There is much much more contained in this two hour long interview which is an A to Z on Magick and the Occult to continue magick month on End of Days Radio.

Daniel comes back from break. Talks about a minor change to the show then launches into some talk about Sandy Hook. He then reads some news, fan letters and takes a call from Todd the Bod.


Thomas Hatsis | Witches, Psychedelics, God | EODR 26

Is an author, psychedelic historian and researcher into magick and the occult.

He authored a book called “The Witches’ Ointment: The Secret History of Psychedelic Magic”

-An exploration of the historical origins of the “witches’ ointment” and medieval hallucinogenic drug practices based on the earliest sources.

Daniel starts off by asking Thomas about his past growing up and how he got into both psychedelics/entheogens and Occult related topics. Thomas explains his philosophy and belief towards these plants then goes into a explanation of medieval witches and the later witches who existed during the times of the Salem Witch trials. He talks about the magic witches ointment that assisted witches in “flying” or more specifically being induced into a very lucid dreamstate where its possible to gain insights and communicate with spirits.

Daniel then asks Thomas about psychedelic conspiracy which leads into a hilarious discussion about Jan Irvin and his accusations against both Thomas and Daniel as well as Terence Mckenna.

Daniel comes back from break. Explains why he is now a Goodwill badass and then reads some news stories and fan letters before launching into an explanation of why society sucks. Todd calls in as well to talk a little more about witches.


E.A. Koetting | Age of Unveiling | EODR 24

E.A. Koetting is a lifelong researcher and practitioner of the Occult and Magickal world. He is the author of many books as well as the creator of the Become a Living God system.

Daniel starts off by asking E.A. about his background growing up in the Mormon church and how he became interested in Magickal practices. He explains how it was prayer that actually got him to notice that consciousness can change reality around us.

They then launch into a incredible discussion about Lucifer and the current age we are entering into which is a period where all the occult secrets are being released much to chagrin of many secret societies and occult groups who wish to keep this knowledge secret.

E.A. talks to us about Lucifer, Lucifage, Satan, Demon summoning, Tarot cards, Scrying and much more in this exciting one of a kind interview.

After the break Daniel reads some news stories, letters and explains why he is not a vegan.


Richard Bruce | Reptilian Shapeshifting plus Gangstalking | EODRAD 23

Richard Bruce is a Reptilian researcher and truthseeker who has become a victim of gangstalking and is here to expose these aliens for what they are.

Daniel begins by asking Richard about his background and what led him up to the events of discovering shapeshifting taking place in modern mainstream movies.

This leads into the discussion regarding Richards assassination attempts and gangstalking events that have reached some insane levels and are being documented on Richards Youtube Channel.

Richard reveals that these human eating Reptilian aliens are out for blood literally. Enjoy a quest into the disturbing realm of Reptilians and gangstalking.

After the break Daniel talks about Requiem for a Dreams strange scene at the end with Jennifer Connelly. He gets into some haters emails as well as explains that this is Magick Lizard month on End of Days Radio.